4 Things to Consider for Safe Play of Archery Tag Team Game

Do you want to organize a fun loving archery tag team building event for your office staff in Singapore? If yes, you should contact to the authorized corporate team building event organizer in Singapore wisely. Make sure, you have done with all verification formalities before hiring services of the team bonding event planner in Singapore such as check for its background, authorization proofs, service track record, and the most importantly, it follows all the genuine rules of archery tag event in Singapore for corporate employees. If you find all the things suitable in any corporate team building event planner in Singapore, you should hire him for your project wisely.


Before you plan for archery tag team game for staff, you need to be aware of some standard norms of archery tag team game in Singapore such as:

1. Make Two Teams of Archery Tag Players

Firstly, you need to make two teams of participants of archery tag team game and ensure that they are versed with all safety measures and have required equipment like bow, foam arrows, and other necessary items used in the game. Make sure each team member stays on his or her team’s side and around safety zone only and wait for whistle to blow by the referee to start the game. Besides, you need to ensure that there should be at least one player at every safety zone to retrieve the arrows.

2. Ensure for Proper Safety Measures of Archery Tag Team Players

Before you start the archery tag in Singapore, you need to check with all safety measures and norms associated with this game. Make sure all the players of the game are packed with necessary safety attributes like helmet or face mask, soft foam made arrows, handy bows, workout attire, tennis shoes, etc. You should check with all these things before starting game or making player ready for the battle.


 3. Always Choose Safe Arrows and Bows for the Game

It is always recommended choosing the best arrows and bows for the archery tag team game. Make sure, you have opted arrows, which have foam made tip that is perfectly fixed. Also, your bow should be designed well and has accurate height and width to hold in hand easily. Never try to use arrows, which do not have foam tips, but should have light weight. Similarly, you should never use a compound or crossbow for the game. Thus, the players of archery tag team in Singapore have to be wise while selecting arrows and bow for the game to play safe.

4. Some Necessary Rules of the Game

Here are some necessary rules that you need to keep in mind or acknowledge before you going to start the game such as:

  • Each team member should stay at their safety zone or side and be ready for the game.
  • Make sure all team players are packed with all safety measures and quality arrows and bows.
  • Both the teams should start play after whistle blows by the Referee.
  • No player can remain in the safety zone to avoid being tagged and all have to take part in the game one by one.
  • Make sure there are 5-Spot targets are set opponent’s team at least.
  • Every player should be tagged during game and try his or her level best to hit the target.

Thus, above are some significant points that you should consider before organizing any archery tag team event in Singapore for your office employees at the best locations in the country. Furthermore, if you want to know about archery tag team service in Singapore price rates, you should contact to the genuine corporate team building event planners in the country. At the authorized firm, you will surely get the right charges to organize archery tag team game for corporate employees, birthday party, friends and relatives at desired location in Singapore.



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