Tips For Planning Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding day can be a harrowing experience. There are countless options to choose from, which tends to overwhelm you. These tips may not be exhaustive, but may very well help you avoid disaster.

Focus On The Basics First

If you focus on the basics first, you're much less likely to neglect important parts. Ask yourself basic questions such as:

  • Do you want an indoor or outdoors wedding?
  • If you want an outdoor wedding, what will you do for backup if the weather is bad?
  • What time of year is most likely to give the best weather?
  • If your wedding is outdoor, what permits do you need?
  • Will your venue be sufficient for your guests?

Get Organized Early

Unfortunately there's a lot more for a bride to get organized, but you'll probably have all the help you need from family and friends. You may find they offer their help, and don't turn them down. Delegate various tasks to people you know you can trust.

Make sure your bridal dress fits properly, and that you're happy about it. But do a final fitting at least a week before your wedding day. This is because if you've been trying to lose weight, an earlier fitting wont be appropriate.

If you're purchasing accessories like bridal jewellery, purchase well-ahead of time – especially if it's from international suppliers. Pay a bit extra for tracked shipping for any items, so you know at all times where you package is, and when to expect it. With jewellery it is particularly important that it suits your dress, and the chain length is correct. If it isn't, it will need adjustment. You must allow time for this.

Limit Your Guests

Deciding who you are going to invite can be particularly stressful. After all, you can't invite everyone, and you may be concerned that some people who aren't invited may be offended.

This is something that everyone organising a wedding needs to deal with. You may even consider a somewhat small and private wedding involving only with your closest family and friends. But if you intend to do this, it may be more prudent to conduct your wedding at a remote location. By this I mean someone interstate, or some beautiful location on a tropical beach. The only problem is it certainly increases your required budget. If this is your preferred option, then you need to consider variables such as accommodation and airfares.

Carefully Choose Your Meals

The chances are at least one of your guests will have special dietary requirements. For example, they may be a vegetarian. Typically you will use wedding caterers, who are experiencing this kind of thing. It's a good idea that your wedding invitation includes some fine print requesting that guests let you know of any special dietary requirements. You may not want this information on the front of your invitation though. So perhaps put it on the back or somewhere that isn't so prominent.

Catering companies will usually suggest two different types of meals, which usually alternate for each guest. Guests will normally swap between them at the same table. Don't choose meals that have a specific taste, like seafood. Not everyone likes it. Usually the stable diet is chicken or lamb, with various vegetables.

Remember To Enjoy Your Day

Anyone who is experienced with weddings will probably tell you to enjoy your day. It almost sounds like a clichéd phrase. But you will be so busy with the day's events, that you can easily forget to enjoy yourself. It really will be over in a flash. You are hoping it is at least a once-in-a-lifetime event. Once in a while, remember to stop, look around and enjoy yourself. After all, it is your special day.

Don't be so concerned about what your guests are doing. You are entitled to be selfish on this day.


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