A few secrets of relatiomship

Body language and gestures

    In addition to changes in behavior patterns, an experienced and attentive girl will notice hidden signs of body language. The manifestations of what you like, you can include. The position of the lips. Lips perfectly convey the attitude to everything that happens around a person. So, when you are near a person that a man loves, the lips will be in a state of at least a slight smile. In case of sadness of his beloved, the lips will take a dejected position, i.e. the corners will be lowered. The position of the body. For a man who is not indifferent to a woman, if they are in the same company, the body will be directed at the object of adoration, and also slightly tilted forward The position of the knees. If you sit, for example, at a common table, the man’s knees will always be directed towards his beloved, even if it causes him some inconvenience.

    Sight. A man in love always looks either in the eyes or on the lips of his chosen one. At the same time, if he already has a raging passion, he will periodically bite or lick his lips.

How does behavior change?

   Often, all changes occur quite smoothly. Sometimes it is even unclear when the line between friendly feelings and feelings of love has been erased. It is important for a woman to know that a man is in love with her, since the further development of the relationship already depends on her. If she does not notice the change in attitude and continues to communicate in a friendly manner, then the man may begin to demand more, and in this case, all relationships will come to naught.

How to understand intentions?

The most difficult part in a relationship with a ringed man is to understand what goals he pursues in your relationship with him, and how to behave in this case, so that in the future you do not find yourself in a broken trough with a broken heart. In order to shed light on this question for yourself, it is necessary to step back from the romantic excuses of a man for a while and see what he will do.

Good family man

If a man in love is a good family man, then he will try to drown out the feelings that have arisen in himself until the last moment and especially strictly monitor his behavior in public places. By the way, if you suddenly find yourself in another country and your messenger doesn’t work, then VPN more info on google play will help you. At the same time, he will try to protect the feelings of his chosen one in a love relationship. It should be understood that such a man may not completely break the existing relationship between him and his wife.

Attention! Often men run away from the heel of his wife, but even after the spouse learns about the change, they still remain in the family.

Men of this type in most cases will not decide to break up past relationships, if:

You can’t call or text him first.

  1. He almost always resets incoming calls from you, and if he answers, then only in a whisper.
  2. Does not plan your future together, constantly feeds promises and breakfasts about living together.
  3. He is very much attached to his children.
  4. A man has a soft and pliable nature and often agrees with everything, but in the end does not do anything.
  5. Does not allow you to tell your loved ones about yourself, and even more so to introduce them to them, if they do not know their friends or relatives.
  6. Refuses gifts and other gifts from you and does not celebrate holidays with you.
  7. Very nervous and worried at your meetings, very much lying about the state of things with his current wife.


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