Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) is the trained professional in the field of Microsoft products and services. MCTS professional supports enterprise-level Microsoft products and services. Microsoft technologies like Windows operating system, Microsoft Exchange server, SQL, and studio experts are some of the essentials required by the businesses.

This specialist manages the set-up and often supporting version 2007. They assist in the set-up of user accounts and mailboxes along with the backup plan, security and restore the operation. Microsoft Exchange Server specialist performs the routine server maintenance, configures the new users and is called as the primary point of contact for exchange related issue.

The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for exchange server is a subject matter expert for popular email messaging system. Generally, It runs on Windows servers. The server side of Microsoft Exchange Server is a client program for Microsoft Outlook, which contains contacts and calendars.

Before Outlook, it was hosted with Office 97, and now it is 2007 version, the windows client was exchanged, the client. The primary task of the exchange server is to ensure the proper delivery of communication across the client.

For businesses, these servers provide mission-critical services. As the number of users and departments grows, similarly the maintenance and workload of exchange server 2007 are also scaled up.

How Exchange Server works:

The Exchange server has four basic modules which work hand-in-hand to run the process smoothly.

The modules of the mail exchange server are:

  1. Information Store: It is a place where email messages are kept, positioned and structured.
  2. System Attendant: It makes these communications significant to the client sending and receiving the message. In different words, it generates and manages email contacts.
  3. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP): It is a component which plays the dynamic part in the communication of data. It permits inter-server message broadcast. Often emails are thought to be transmitted from a single server to a new one, especially in the instance where the position of the recipient client is relatively distant or is using a non-Microsoft email provider.
  4. Active Directory: the Major purpose is to update the system linked with new mailbox data. It also manages user details and distribution lists by itself.


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