Taxi App Development Tips that will Knock Out Competition

“Let’s book an Uber!” How familiar are we with this statement? We hear it almost every day. Uber has seeped into the daily lives of ordinary individuals. It removed the ‘luxury’ attached to taxi services. Now, anyone can book a taxi, at an amazing fare and at the same time enjoy the comfort. Moreover, the taxi services are instant, guaranteeing an ETA of 10 minutes or less. Fast. Cheap. Convenient. Uber is a global favorite.  


A decade has passed, and Uber has an international presence and a huge network of drivers. It has spread to a majority of the continents and is active in more than 60 countries. Uber’s annual revenue was $11.3 billion in 2018 and this number is still growing.

Now that Uber has taken the number one position, do other taxi businesses stand a chance? Of course, they do! It might seem perfect on the outside, but Uber does have its limitations. And what does that mean to us? It’s an opportunity to take advantage of them to our best capacity! What are the areas we can focus on to make an impact on the taxi industry? 

How to work your way to the top

Does it sound too far-fetched when you think of beating the big guys like Uber and Lyft? Well, don’t worry. We’ve got some ideas that could actually make this possible for you. Creativity and prudence will get you to the top if you are patient. Also, a really good taxi app development company.

Innovate, Create, Succeed

The Uber model is well-known and is being imitated by various budding taxi businesses. But will copy the concept of Uber guarantee you success in your business? It is unlikely. If you’re going to build a service just like Uber, then customers are obviously going to opt for the more trusted and world-renowned alternative. So, you have to mix things up a little. Even if your concept is similar, add your own flavor. Get in touch with taxi app developers who can suggest ideas based on market needs. Provide a new kind of service or feature that will get the world or your target audience talking. Many new businesses are already coming up with new services such as E-Scooter rides (environment-friendly solutions), bike taxis, ride-sharing services, and more. There is no limit to innovation, so go wild! 

Focus on Uber-less Markets

Uber has not yet taken over the world completely. So, until then you still have time. Some markets trust localized services more than global leaders. Therefore, you definitely stand a good chance of taking hold of that market. Arrive at a solution that appeals to the target audience. Focus on your consumers and you’ll come up with a great number of ideas that can revolutionize the industry. Other than Uber, the leaders in the industry are Lyft, Grab, Gett, and Ola. You can learn from the strategies that they have employed in the past. Researching your competition is a crucial step that lets you learn from others’ mistakes rather than your own. 

Introduce Surge-free Services

Surge pricing might attract drivers to partner with the business. But it causes huge displeasure among the users. Imagine the weather is bad and you end up paying an irrationally hiked fare. At the time of emergencies, this can be a real hassle for the user. It would be acceptable if the surge price was reasonable, but that is not the case. Fares would amount to twice or even thrice the standard rates. So, if you are looking to introduce your own taxi service, try to eliminate surge pricing or provide the drivers with a decent payment for all rides. This could really help you stand out in the current market. 

Support Traditional Taxi Companies

We all have heard about Uber’s constant fight friction with independent taxi drivers and companies. When they arrived, they stole a majority of the users of traditional taxi businesses and left them without jobs. So, it is not a surprise that there is hostility between the two. So, whatever your plans are, make sure you find a way to reduce the ill feelings and partner with the existing taxi services to gain more strength in the market.

So, what are you waiting for? With a bunch of great ideas up your sleeve, venture into this space and watch your business grow boundlessly. Approach a taxi booking app builder that has years of experience in the industry and will share with you the dos and don’t you need to know. Build your business with these tips and provide the best transportation services in the market!



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