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We, the Android users, are depending on the Google Play Store as is the default app store on our devices. It helps in downloading new apps and games as per their availability. This application is known for its easy operation and hassle-free performance, but there are situations when Android users face difficulty in downloading the apps, which leads to frustration. Therefore, we have come with a set of workarounds. Checking your current downloads and updates is the first thing we would like to suggest to you if Google Play won’t download. Let’s explore the steps required to manage multiple downloads.

1.      Are you trying to update multiple apps simultaneously?

You are more likely to get this error if you are downloading multiple apps at the same time, including some larger ones. To deal with it, you are suggested to open Google Play, navigate Menu and select My apps & games. Here you will see all the applications that are in the process of being updated or downloaded. Cancel some of the downloads just by pressing the X next to the in-process applications.

2.      Check the storage remaining

Your Play Store will not allow you to download the large applications if your phone doesn’t have the required storage space. In general, Google Play requires a minimum of 300MB free storage for downloading apps from the platform. If your phone doesn’t have that, the Play Store will simply stop all or some of the in-process downloads. So, make enough space first and then go for download.

3.      Did you disable your Download Manager app?

Another thing to deal with Google Play store download pending is to confirm that the Download Manager app is not in the Disabled state. Enable it if you have Disabled it for some reason. Try the other workarounds after enabling the concerned application.

4.      Check Download Manager and Google Play Services

Do you know that the Google Play Store also depends on other processes aided by Google Play Services and Download Manager for downloading apps? That’s why; it is important for you to clear cache and data for Google Services Framework, Google Play Services, and Download Manager. You can do this by navigating the Settings window.

5.      Remove and reinstall the Play Store updates

Do you get the concerned issue quite frequently? If yes, you are requested to uninstall the Play Store updates and install them again. You can do this by opening the Settings window. Open this window and select Apps & Notifications. Then you need to click on All Apps which will allow you to select Google Play Store. Now go to the upper-right corner and click on Uninstall Updates.


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