How Can you Find an IPv4 Address to Grow your Business?

Are you the owner of an SMB or a startup, which is planning on growing the business by means of email marketing? If yes, you will require many IPs for the following reasons.

  • To grow that business with email marketing, you will require multiple IPs, particularly to deliver bulk emails. Using a single IP as part of this marketing will overload your internet protocol address, and it will likely mean your emails not reaching your target audience timely.
  • Using multiple IPs to deliver marketing emails will help you segregate audiences, and with these, you can keep a clean IP reputation.
  • If you choose to purchase IP address blocks, then you will have a competitive advantage because it will ensure and improve your email deliverability.

However, it can be difficult to find clean internet protocol addresses in the case you have no idea where to look for these. In that situation, having contact with one of the best IPv4 brokers will come in handy for you. The broker helps multiple parties to sell, lease, or purchase IPv4 addresses.

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How to Obtain One

You must understand that purchasing dedicated IP addresses is better compared to leasing for two reasons.

  • This way, you can have complete control of your IP addresses; and,
  • You are not likely to have bad reputed addresses because the broker will pre-screen the ones you will purchase.

You must understand the following points before you proceed with purchasing IP addresses.

  • The IP broker is one who acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller.
  • Their job is not just to start the IP’s sale, but they also have to recognize your requirement and accordingly give recommendations that will improve your business. Of course, your requirement is nothing but the purpose for which you need the IPs.
  • They ensure that the seller party possesses IP addresses that are registered in an RIR. There are five regional internet registries, namely APNIC, RIPE, ARIN, LACNIC, and AFRINIC.
  • You can go for IPs in private and keep this deal confidential too.
  • Do you want usable or new IPs? For instance, if yours is a casino website or gaming site, you need quicker IP addresses for your business’s growth. In that case, it is useful to purchase usable IP addresses rather than new ones because the former are economical.
  • Your broker initiates the sale, and they follow every regulation and every necessary procedure until you get the IPs.

Do you still have any queries or doubts about how to get IPs that can be used? If yes, contact the IP experts at IPv4 Mall and find the best solution to systematically and efficiently get your business bigger.


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Whether you want to buy, sell or lease IPv4 addresses, get in touch with IPv4 Mall. We are a trusted and registered IPv4 address brokerage service provider. We can provide you with the best solutions by connecting you with our widespread and growing network of buyers and sellers as per your needs.


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