How to Make Gmail Sync Automatically on Android

How can you make your Gmail sync automatically on your android device?

The users get very irritated when for all the messages in their Gmail message, they have to sync it again and again with their android device. If your device is no synced, you can neither send the mails nor receive it. Also, you will always get the error of “Account not synced”. Not only this, but it will stop your notifications for the new message. So, this problem about Gmail sync is currently experiencing problem should be eradicated.

How to sync Gmail automatically?

  1. The users can take the following mentioned steps to auto-sync the Gmail and help to get the issue resolved:
  2. The first step is to close the Gmail app and open the settings on your mobile device.
  3. Then, the next step is to touch the accounts under the option of“Personal”.
  4. You will see the option “More” in the top-right corner where you can check if the Gmail is Auto synced or not.
  5. If the Gmail is not auto-synced, you have to turn on the option.

So, these are the steps that you can take if your Gmail Sync is experiencing a problem. If you are still facing the issue, you can contact the customer care executives to get further assistance.


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