How to Recover Your Facebook Deleted Post?

Accidentally deleting your favorite Facebook posts can land you in all kinds of troubles, but fortunately, you can get them back on some of the cases. Over here, you shall get to know about all of those possible cases. With the help of the solutions, you shall be able to get back the deleted posts.

Things to remember:

  • If you did permanently deleted your account, then you shall not be able to get back the earlier data.
  • If you remove posts by an active Facebook account, then there is no method that you can get back them.
  • The only way to get back your deleted data is if you deactivate the account and then activate it. It will recover all the data that you deleted.

Method A.

  1. Firstly, log in to the account by using the mail ID connected to it.
  2. Then, by the notification option, see if there are any quotes from the removed posts that have been published on the wall earlier.

With the help of this method, people many times come across messages that have been removed by mistake.

Method B. 

Remember that this method is generally used for creating backups.

  1. Firstly, visit the Facebook settings.
  2. Then, search the option for downloading the item from Facebook: Your Facebook Information–Download Your Information.
  3. Note that in ‘Your Information,’ you need to mention the types of information that you wish making backup copies of.
  4. After that, press on ‘Create File’ for making a copy of the chosen item.
  5. For making an archive, you need to tap on ‘Request My Download’.
  6. As soon as an archive is made, you shall get a notification with a link by mail. 
  7. Next, you need to follow this link so that you can get access to the earlier data of your account.
  8. Lastly, from the downloaded data, you need to try searching the removed posts and the rest of the data that you wish to get back.

Method C.

In this method, you need to hide the post from the timeline.

  1. Firstly, visit the profile page with each of your Facebook posts shown.
  2. Then, press on the ‘Manage posts’ option.
  3. Next, put a tick on the posts that you wish to remove from the timeline of yours.
  4. After that, tap on Next. 
  5. Then, go to the Manage Posts window and choose the ‘Hide posts’ option.
  6. Lastly, tap on Done for giving confirmation to your action.

The method of avoiding accidental removal of Facebook posts

Whenever removing any significant post on Facebook, you need to copy that whole item to the text editor. It can be contact numbers or any other item.

You can even have screenshots of the posts that you feel are required in the future.

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