How to Get Gold Scavenger Medals in Fortnite

Fortnite has brought a new challenge for its gamers, which is known as Rippley Vs Sludge mission. The mission is a bit intricate than its predecessor, and therefore, players need some guidance to accomplish their tasks. Although players are troubled with every mission of this challenge, the mission of locating Scavenger Medals stands on the top of the intricacy level. We have brought this article to facilitate the players with the knowledge to locate and attain Gold scavenger Medals with ease. Make sure that you read this article attentively to avail of the best outcomes.

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Location for Gold Scavenger Medals

Fortunately, Fortnite comprises of five Gold Scavenger Medals that can be attained through Chests. So they need to move straight to the western region of Fortnite map where they need to locate a grey colored island, Sweaty Sands. Gamers can easily identify the location by finding a Ruined Castle comprising of several Chests.

These chests include medals, and players need to be sure about landing straightly on the roof of Castle. Gamers will easily locate the first chest lying on the edge of Balcony alongside they can also locate two more chests that are lying in the alcoves of the building. There is one favorable aspect for the gamers in this game; the chest produces sounds, and players can easily locate them by following the sounds. These sounds can only be heard when players are near to these chests.

After players have successfully fetch all the chests from the ruined Castle, then they need to head back to Sweaty Sands. Gamers can attain two more chests in the Sweaty Sands area; they need to find them near the course of Skateboarding. After players have looted the remaining two chests from the course of Skateboarding, then they need to head straight to the building to continue the research.

The building has a high spawning rate for chests, so gamers need to locate several more chests. While they were looking for the chests, they will probably locate Medi Packs. Gamers need to save them because they will prove pretty essential during the shortage of Gold Scavenger Medals. Besides, gamers need to keep on focusing on locating more and more chest because instead of Gold Scavenger Medals, the chest can also avail the players with much more essential benefits. Once, gamers attain five Gold Scavenger Medals, soon after the mission will be completed.


Epic Games keep on enhancing the gaming fun of Fortnite day by day, and their initiative of offering fans weekly challenges is creating a lot of buzz. Several game marketers are also following it and also acquiring acclamation. The Gold Scavenger Medals mission is considered to be a difficult one for the players, so in this article, we have shared some information about its location alongside methods to locate them.

In the end, we hope that this article has served you properly, and you have attained all the required information through It. If you are new to the world of Epic Games and haven’t tried the gaming fun of Fortnite, then you can play it on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android Devices.

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