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Do you know what is a virtual tour (VT)? With advancements in technology, people are gaining excess knowledge with the help of the Internet. They gain information with respect to several domains like education, tours, events, world news and so on. The most liked domain of the internet surfers includes tourism ad adventure trips. Just giving plain knowledge about the tour locations is not preferred by present age people. They require a look and feel an effect, to decide on their tourism location. At present, there are many technologies that provide look and feel effects say digital marketing, Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality. Among this, Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality are particular becoming an emerging trend nowadays.


The virtual reality is the imitation of the already existing locations with the help of consecutive videos and images. Other multimedia software can be involved in these tours. The multimedia features include melody, sound effects, ground plans. The virtual tour gives an illusion of a realistic environment. Some places in the world are prohibited from visiting. To visit and experience the virtual reality south Africa of such locations, the 360-degree virtual tour helps in achieving such desires. These help people who are concerned with time and money.

What is virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology, which gives a 3D view of the environment, in an interactive manner. Virtual reality involves the usage of VR headset to experience the 3D visual beauty and sound effect of the preferred environment.  Some examples include Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR,  or Google Cardboard.

Look and Feel

A 360° virtual tour is an artificial intelligence tool, containing 360-degree cameras, giving an experience of actual photography. It affords photos or videos of specified surroundings such as hotels,  real estate, casinos, resorts, tourism destinations, education, restaurant, clubs and more. The users are allowed to click and view any part of the image or video and explore the details pertaining to the environment. Bur they are allowed to change the original set up or control anything. Only the admins are allowed to do these changes. It’s mostly about enthralled visual experiences.

A 360° virtual tour can be watched in many ways. Through your tablet, smartphone and computer and Facebook apps and any other virtual tour apps, you can watch it 27/7 and 356 days. The photographs taken from the virtual tour will be of 360° panoramic views. It paves ways for cinematic productions. For the users of Samsung Gear VR, Oculus and other virtual reality headsets, stories are created with orbicular videos and photos. For video podiums like Youtube and Facebook, virtual reality photos and videos, are displayed in high resolution and magnificent manner. not

The 360° virtual tour is different from virtual reality as in virtual tour the users can only move up, down and around the imitated environment, but cannot move forward as in case of a virtual tour. VR headset, the users can enjoy the technology.

Thus this article gave an insight on 360 degree virtual tour, virtual reality, the significant features in it and the difference between the virtual tour and virtual reality.



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