Call of Duty: Infinity Ward Addressed Modern Warfare Finishing Move Glitch

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game available on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Infinity Ward develops this game, and the plot of this game involved combat taking place among a CIA officer, British SAS forces, rebels of a fictional country Urzikstan and the Russian troops. The CIA officer and British SAS forces have joined their hands together to assist the insurgents of Urzikstan, which is fictional to fight against the Russian troops. Infinity Ward has made a lot of innovations in the special Ops mode features of this game so that the combat looks real along with enabling multiplayer mode to support playing more number of players at one time. The developers of this game took inspiration from real-life wars such as the Syrian Civil war, and the terrorist activities took place in London to give the combating featured in the game an authentic look.  To enable multimode playing, The developers of this game have scrapped the traditional season pass of the franchise along with removing loot boxes.  The game received many praises for the plot of its gameplay, multiplayer mode, and astounding visuals; however, it has to face the criticism for handling the subject matter of game along with issues that took place in the multiplayer. If you have participated in the Call of Duty, then you must have felt irritation with the technical glitches that occur in the finishing move of combating.

When you start playing the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, everything goes well, but when you come to finishing moves, glitches occur. When you try to jump on a player of the enemy side in your finishing move, it suddenly stops without any reason, which causes a lot of irritation as it provides enough time to the opponent to gun you down. This technical glitch is frustrating, and the developers should take steps to fix it as soon as possible. This glitch was brought in to the notice of developers by a Reddit User Average genius who uploaded a video of the finishing move of this game, making the glitch visible. Later, a developer of Infinity Ward replied to this post and assured the user that the technical glitches arising in the finishing move of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be fixed entirely as the developing team is investing in the causes. He made it clear that they will soon come with fixes for this type of glitch after inquiring into the matter. The Infinity Ward has yet not released any specific timeline for fixing this glitch, but they could announce the fixes at any time.

Infinity Ward is also working upon to unlock the season two of Modern Warfare, which is going to include a new game mode along with various new types of gunfight maps such as Cargo, Hill, King, Docks, Pine, showers, speedball and stack. The Multiplayer maps to introduced the season two of this game may include Aniyah Palace, Crash, Dam, Deadzone, Grounded, Scorch, Faridah, Frontier, Smetana Farms, Gulag, Hackney Yard, Milbase 1, Milbase 2, port 2, Prison, Frost, etc. So, the coming week may be a good one for the fans of Call of Duty as the developers are soon to announce fixes along with unveiling some other innovations.

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