How to Use Multiple User Profiles in Microsoft Edge

How to Use Multiple User Profiles in Microsoft Edge

Utilizing an internet browser means creating up a new profile with your bookmarks and settings. People can make multiple user profiles in the exclusive Microsoft Edge web browser, letting them share it with other users or divide work and play.


Luckily, with the newest Chromium engine, utilizing the latest user profile in Microsoft Edge is as easy as accessing user profiles in other internet browsers such as Google Chrome. To begin with, people will need to download and install the latest Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge: How to Create Multiple User Profiles?

When a user downloads and install the latest Edge web browser, your user profile will set to a regular profile, i.e., “Profile 1” without any personalization.  Login into existing Microsoft account will help to link this profile with the account. It also allows sharing settings and bookmarks across devices with ease.

In case you desire to introduce a second profile on the Microsoft Edge browser, then open your Edge browser on your device. Hereafter, tap on the User Profile option available in the right top corner of your screen. You can easily spot the choice between the hamburger menu icon and the Favorites icon. When tapped, choose the “Add a Profile” icon. On the following page, tap on the Add button. This will make a new second, empty user profile called “Profile 2” in your Microsoft Edge. Once finished, a new window will pop up on your Edge web browser, automatically utilizing this fresh profile.

Users can now Log in to a Microsoft account in order to personalize it or else can manage it as a local profile. In case you desire to log in to the Microsoft account, choose the User profile option present in the right top corner on your screen. Now, you will need to tap on “Log in” to initiate the procedure.

In case you are using the Windows operating system, then it allows you to choose the same Microsoft account as the Windows 10 users account. Otherwise, head straight to the “Microsoft account” or “School or Work Account” to Log in.

Click on the Continue option to proceed. Thereafter, the Edge browser will ask whether you desire to sync the latest profile to allow using the same settings and extensions alongside share bookmarks and browser history across several devices. For that, tap on either Sync to enable or No, Thanks to rejecting permission.  Users can start utilizing their new user profiles along with installing the latest Edge extensions and adding bookmarks.

Microsoft Edge: Switching Between user Profiles

Sometimes, switching between profiles can be advantageous, especially when you are utilizing them for various purposes, such as play and work. Fortunately, it is easy and straightforward to switch between a number of the user profile in your Microsoft Edge browser.

In the Edge page, choose the User profile option available in the right top corner placed between the hamburger settings menu and favourites icons. This will show up an existing user profiles list. Tap another user profile to change to it that will launch a new browser page in the procedure.

Plus, the user can also tap on Browser as Guest to change to a temporary guest profile. However, you can use such an option as the name suggests. Once you exit a guest profile page, any browser history or settings will be removed. 

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