Jedi Fallen Order: Guide to Four Secret Legendary Beasts

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is one of the best action-adventure genre game published and developed by Electronic Arts.  It is equipped with a mixture of various enemy kinds that have been featured in such a long-standing franchise. From Strom Troopers to Sith Lords, the game offered a player of the series a wide variety of opponents to hunt down/ Apart from certain bosses the opponents that stand atop the mountain are the four Legendary Beasts.

As their names imply, these enemies are rare and hidden smartly in particular lands of Jedi World. These creatures are as challenging as they are challenging to locate and will test a user’s skills. This guide will offer a general overview of defeating and locating each legendary beast in their given worlds.

Jedi Fallen Order:  How to Find and Defeat Oggdo Bogdo?

In the game, bulbous Oggdo Bogdo is the first of these four legendary beasts. This enemy can be found on the Bogano planet and is the easiest creature as compared to others to hunt down. To locate Oggdo Bogdo, gamers must go to the dumped workshop. Now, you will discover several traversable pipes in front of the dumped building. Pursue these traversable pipes until you find a tunnel path. Move through the underground way until you come face to face with a cave.

Inside the cave, players will find their first legendary beast Oggdo Bogdo waiting for you.  The best method to hunt down Oggod Bogdo is to stay moving and hit the creature quickly. The large tongue is the only weakness that you need to chop off to defeat your enemy.

Jedi Fallen Order:  How to Find and Defeat Albino Wyyyschokk?

Albino Wyyyschokk is one of the second intimidating large spider-like creatures that players can locate on the Kashyyk planet.  Locating Albino Wyyyschokk is relatively easy and straightforward. The beast is hugely near the Imperial Refinery, and gamers only need to head over the Prison section.

Now, find the way through the platform, where you will discover a save point. Afterward, move through a dark cave-like entrance and chase the storm-troopers clash sounds. On the pit-like ground, players will come face to face with a giant spider alongside dead storm-troopers nearby the beast.

To defeat Albino Wyyyschokk, it is suggested that to target the back-side of such a huge spider and deal with the damage. The battle will end with a theatrical cut scene of the gamer stabbing at the creature’s backside. The primary thing to the focal point is never to take the eyes of your enemy and stay mobile while fighting.

Jedi Fallen Order:  How to Find and Defeat Rabid Jotaz?

On the list, Rabid Jotaz is the third creature that players can find on the Zeffo planet. This enemy is located on the planet near the collapse site landmark. In the middle of the landmark, find the way into the large water body and then move straight to the normal Jotaz foe. This opponent will appear on the rocky island and will serve as the initial step in locating Rabid counterparts. After eliminating the normal Jotaz, go to the climbable grates and unlock a force field barrier to open a metal pathway.

On the way, you will come face to face with a section that you can destroy using a lightsaber. Hit the rubble pile and reach an open put where the beast Rabid Jotaz will be waiting. To eliminate the Jotaz, make sure to use strong jumping moves and knock down your opponent’s health pool. Note, stay alert of Rabid Jotaz’s slow-motion attacks during the clash. The battle will conclude with chopping off arms of the Rabid Jotaz.

Jedi Fallen Order:  How to Find and Defeat Nydak Alpha?

At last, Nydak Alpha is the final and powerful legendary creature that you will face in the Jedi Fallen Order game. Players can locate Nydak on Dathomir near the tomb in the world’s northernmost section. As the player approaches the tomb, find the way to the wall jumping section, then stay mobile as you suddenly will be attacked by Nydak Alpha.

This battle will need a gamer to use several force attacks and “stick & move” gameplay. Ensure that to utilize the strong lightsaber throw to keep the creature at bay and damage the immense health pool. After eliminating the Nydak Alpha, gamers will be pleased with the Legendary Beast title.

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