The Importance Of Glove boxes And Choose After Proper Analysis

To handle the hazardous materials, the operator needs glove boxes. Get to know about the different types of glove boxes available and its importance.

The glove box is the term which is used for describing the sealed chamber which will allow the operator to handle the hazardous agents or materials that have a high-risk level. The Portable glove boxes help to provide a very controlled environment so as to work with the samples while separating the personnel physically from the materials that they manipulate. Glove boxes are the need for a large number of industries.  It is utilized in nuclear, biotechnology, defense, biomedical, semiconductor, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. These are also known as biological safety cabinets when these glove boxes are used for handling the pathogens or microbiological research. The containment is provided for the work with the biological agents who are very risky.

  • Isolator glove box
  • ‘Isolator’ implies the use of HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) or ULPA (ultra-low penetration air) filtration for the application of the glove box.  It means you can either keep something in or even out. Is the operator hazardous to ‘something’ or something being hazardous to an operator? When you get to know this, then you will be able to know the precise glove box which you require for any specific application.  In those application where the materials which are kept inside the box needs to be saved from the environment particulates, then inlet filtration will be needed. If the materials generate any hazardous particulate, then exhaust airflows can also be filtered. Both ULPA and HEPA filters provide the International Organisation for Standardisation class 5 sterile breaths of air. A better profile is provided by ULPA if the nano particulates are the basic concern.
  • The hazardous particulates in the glove box can be kept in the negative pressure. Sometimes the positive pressure is also required for maintaining the sterile environment in the glove box. If you want to maintain the total sterile environment, then the airflow in the glove box must be laminar.
  • Controlled Environment Glove Boxes
  • These glove boxes are leak-tight which provide you some type of control on the internal gas atmosphere using the series of the valves which are connected to the compressed gas source. The operation gases and containment ranges are the important details which must be communicated in the controlled atmosphere. In order to make work controlled environment glove box, the contaminants of the internal ambient atmosphere should be replaced and removed with the purified and alternative gas. The continuous flow of the inert gas is also needed in the flush system. The purified gas also depends on the application but the common gases are inert gases like argon and nitrogen. The glove box which uses the refill/ evacuation method, the negative pressure, and the positive pressure gas chamber will allow the main chamber of the glove box to be refilled with inert gas. With the controlled atmosphere, the inert gas atmosphere is created by the glove boxes.
  • Portable Glove Box
  • The Portable glove boxes are also manufactured which can easily be transported. These can also be used for animal transport within the facility of research. There are also field-deployable gloveboxes which provide a lot of options for containing hazardous materials. The units can also be equipped with the double High-efficiency particulate air filtration system and ASZM –TEDA charcoal filters. These gloveboxes are an important component in LRN (Laboratory response network) and also in hazard receipt facilities.  Such gloveboxes are used in a lot of research applications and also integrated in the facilities that have a high level of biological safety. These are ideal for the critical operations as well which require the combination of the protection for product, environment, and personnel.
  • ULPA/HEPA Lab glove box
  • The particulate control needs the glovebox with the filters generally with ULPA and HEPA filters which are used for capturing the particulates. Such glove boxes have the particulates in the chamber or it can isolate the items from the particulates in the normal air.  The various particulates are just fine powders like smoke, bacteria, and soot.
  • Glovebox in Mobile applications
  • These are also custom engineered for some integration of the laboratory systems, components, and instruments. The technological advancements are also developed which will allow the systems so that these can be effectively installed in the mobile labs including vans and trucks. These must be utilized for containing dangerous materials or samples.

What You Should Analyse Before Buying Glove Box?

You must check the application for which you want to use the glovebox. The type of safety features needed by you in the glove box must be checked along with the separation of processing and incubation of you want to prevent any type of contamination.  

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