How to Change FaceTime Caller ID on iPhone and iPad

When you call someone through a Face Time call on an iPhone or iPad device, the person who receives your request can see the caller ID. It includes your Phone Number or Email ID that you are using with your device. If they save your contact, they know who you are, but they don’t have your number or address. They can find your contact details so you need to remember your caller ID correctly for that reason. Sometimes people do not answer the call if they can’t find the information about the caller. So if you wish to change your Face Time ID on your Apple Device iPad and iPhone, then this blog helps you to do this troubleshoot with easy steps.


If you have not set up with your Face ID, then it may be as a default setting that is associated with your Email address or your Phone number. It accesses your contact that you have saved in your contact application, and get information from the contact application to rum the call. So thanks to the company that brings face time ID in an apple device with a secure method available in the setting.

Change Face Time ID on Apple Device

This set up change your face Time caller ID, now you can select the number or Email ID to associate your device with the help of Apple ID and Face ID.

Here are steps on how you can change Face Time caller ID on Apple device iPhone and iPad:-

  1. To start this setting.
  2. Launch the setting on the device.
  3. Tap on the Face time that will appear on the next screen after tapping on the setting.
  4. Hit on the caller ID that you wish to use.
  5. If you wish to use an Email address, but can’t find in the Face Time caller ID, then click on Apple ID foe Face Time.
  6. The account will appear on your screen that associated with Face Time.

After this setting you are you can see on the receiver screen that you are calling to them, they know your name or correct information and answer your call.

You can also change the Email address for Face Time to use a different email as a primary contact. If you wish to use your phone number pr email ID, then you can also turn on as Face Time caller ID.

If you are using Face time ID in your device, then the number and Email address stored in your contact information for you access to the Face Tine caller ID. Changing Face Time caller ID maybe reflect your email address and contact number that saved into your device.

Whenever you want, you can add a new Email address to Face time and always remember to use your iPhone or iPad to make a call or receive a call as a telephone call.

On important thing is to know that Face Time is not only for video calling. It allows audio call whenever you can’t carry your device with your hand. or you are in a low network area and want a VOIP call.

Face Time also allows group Video calling where you can add Up to 32 participants.

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