Nitrogen Generators For The Modern Labs

All over the world nitrogen generators are usedd in the laboratories. Get to know more about the usage of nitrogen generators.

There is a need of supplying different analytical instruments with nitrogen gas with the help of the nitrogen generators which are used in the laboratories. The pure nitrogen is produced with it just with the push of the button. Unlike gas cylinders, the nitrogen generators never run short of gas and the constant supply of the nitrogen gas is done. This is an efficient way to generate nitrogen for supplying it in an analytical instrument.  Nitrogen is an inert gas which means it is not reaction with different chemicals and elements. This gas is really available in abundance accounting for 78% which means we inhale nitrogen more than other elements. Nitrogen has been used by the operators for decades in the laboratories.

Earlier, the laboratories need to have the nitrogen gas delivered in the bottles or cylinders from the closest nitrogen plant, and this leads to several days for supplying. These bottles and cylinders will then supply it to (Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer) LC-MS instrument or even a detector in Gas Chromatograph which will allow the laboratory to carry the process. The nitrogen generators work on the adsorption concept which is based on the concept of fixing the different components of the gas mixture by the solid substance which is known as adsorbent. This concept is brought by the interaction of the gas and adsorbent molecules. This technology of production of air to nitrogen with the usage of the adsorption processes are mostly applied by the industrial facilities for high purity nitrogen recovery. Today even a lot of pharmaceutical labs have also switched from traditional gas supply to laboratory nitrogen generators.

  • Membrane nitrogen generators
  • The usage of the membrane nitrogen generators is there where the atmospheric air is totally compressed with the air compressor and passed from a hollow fibre membrane which helps in filtering out the parts of air (oxygen) and only leaving the pure nitrogen gas. Even there are more advanced nitrogen generators which will include the different stages of the filtering before reaching to the membrane. It will help in removing the other particles like moisture and dust in the gas.  Even the mesh filters are also mostly used in the process of nitrogen generation which helps in the removing of the particles in the air whereas the air dryers are used for removing the moisture. It provides not only the pure nitrogen gas but also the various extra filtration stages that help in the protection of the membrane.
  • PSA ( Pressure Swing Adsorption) Nitrogen Generators
  • PSA (pressure swing adsorption) just works the same as membrane nitrogen generators in terms of compressing the atmospheric air with the help of an air compressor. Rather than passing through the membrane, PSA (pressure swing adsorption) nitrogen generator will pass through a column which is of the tightly packed material on the pressure which is made of the carbon known as carbon Molecular sieve. This will only allow the nitrogen particles which are small to pass whereas the large oxygen molecules are adsorbed by carbon Molecular sieve leaving only pure nitrogen.
  • Eliminates All Inconsistencies
  • For the mass spectrometers, a large volume of the nitrogen gas is needed which means that the bottles and cylinders can be consumed just in a day while using LC-MS instrument. This may lead to regular inconsistencies and inconvenience and one will have to wait for the nitrogen delivery.  Today a lot of laboratories are using nitrogen generators for supplying the gas to the instrument. The nitrogen generators are best for the application which is time critical when there is no time for analysis. These are really helpful in the laboratories.
  •  A Safer Solution
  • The usage of the nitrogen generators is may safer solution than the cylinders as no staffs are required for moving the heavy cylinders. The administrative burden is also reduced with the nitrogen generators as you will not have the burden of cylinder orders and paying its delivery fees.  The prices of the gas cylinders also fluctuate and even consider the environmental benefits.
  • High Nitrogen Purity 
  • PSA (pressure swing adsorption) nitrogen generator allows the production of High nitrogen purity from the air even which is not provided with the membrane system. This purity of nitrogen is also ensured by cryogenic systems which are complex though. Even nitrogen gas is environment-friendly and sustainable as well. The nitrogen generators are the best approach for clean nitrogen gas.

Best for the modern laboratory

 Now the labs have been upgraded with the nitrogen generators which are an efficient way of producing the nitrogen gas with the least environmental impact.  This will not even lead to inconvenience to the operators.


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