Things You Should Consider Before Installing a Worktable in Your Laboratory

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Laboratories can have different purposes and goals. But one equipment is often the same in all of the laboratories, that is a  Worktable. From a biology lab to a chemistry lab or w pharma lab, each and every laboratory has at least one worktable. The table is an integral part and serves as a storage platform for conducting experiments and more. But, if you want to have the perfect worktable for your laboratory then you need to follow these steps before you buy one-

  • The size is important

Well, size matters. There is no standard dimension for a laboratory. It can be too small or a large laboratory. The worktable should be chosen according to the available area. Small workstations are not ideal for conducting experiments. This is because lab equipment can fall from these smaller  Lab Worktable. The smaller table also does not serve as storage. On the other hand, the large tables occupy too much space and make the laboratory crowded and congested. It is better to choose a laboratory tolerable that is not small or too big but of medium size. If you need a large workstation then you can buy multiple tables and install them together to create a better workstation. Try to buy a worktable that can be moved through the doors and stairs to ensure it can be installed without difficulty.

  • Check the purpose

Although laboratory worktables generally serve as a workstation dor conducting experiments you need to check it's other uses also. Often it doubles up as a writing desk and storage. Hence, if you are buying a new worktable then it is better to buy one that has enough storage space and may be used as a writing desk also. It should be at the perfect height so that experiments can be conducted while sitting on a stool or standing on the floor.

  • Check the surface types 

Laboratory worktables have different types of countertop or surface. An ideal laboratory tolerable should have a surface that is heatproof, durable and corrosion-resistant. This is because often experiments are performed with highly active chemicals which can cause corrosion and make the surface wear off. It should be able to withstand scratches also. Plastic countertop tables ate affordable and scratch-resistant but may get damaged if corrosive chemicals are used frequently. A similar thing happens with chemguard countertop worktables. So, these two tables are great if your laboratory uses lesser active reagents. Phenolic workstations are popular inc colleges and schools because these are easy to maintain and are resistant to many strong materials. Epoxy resin is among the best available countertop for worktables because is durable, heat and scratch proof and does not get damaged easily. So, choose the tolerable surface as per the type of experiments in your laboratory.

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