Galaxy Z Flip: 7 Features You Must Try Out

Samsung’s new foldable smartphone is now out, and it has some very cool features that you know about no matter you wish to buy it or not. Its split-screen feature is not an innovation, but it seems pretty efficient in its foldable screen since the two apps will appear on its both flaps. You could open YouTube on the upper one and in the lower one you can browser something else simultaneously. On 14 Feb, Samsung’s innovative Galaxy Z Flip launched in the market, and it went officially on sale. Last week another foldable smartphone launched by Motorola known as Razr and the Moto new foldable innovation is now trending too rapidly. Now that Samsung also launched the same foldable technology, customers who are interested in the tech can choose from these two options. In this article, you will learn 7 insanely innovative features of all-new Galaxy Z Flip. Let’s dive in.  

Top 7 Features of Galaxy Z Flip  

Here are the cool new features that you must know about this ground-breaking device:

1. Use Fingerprint Sensor as a Scroll Wheel on Galaxy Z Flip

As being an Android operated device, Z flip is a highly customizable smartphone in which you can use the fingerprint sensor as a scroll wheel by just tweaking your device settings. By making your fingerprint sensor as a scroll wheel, one can easily pull down the notification bar while only using one hand and you can easily navigate throughout the phone. Here is how to enable the Galaxy Z flip fingerprint sensor as a scroll wheel:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Advanced Features.
  3. Press on Motion and Gestures.  
  4. Find the finger sensor gestures option and then press on the toggle button located next to it to turn it on.  

Now to use it, unlock your phone, to open the Android notification panel, move your finger from the top to down on your fingerprint sensor. To open the Control Panel, make sure to repeat the above procedure twice. To close the notification panel or the Control panel, draw your finger downward to upward direction on the fingerprint sensor.

2. Use the Power key to Take Selfie

While the phone is closed, users can tap the power key twice to trigger the rear camera to take a selfie. You will see a live preview on the 1.1-inch tiny screen and capture the photo, press either volume key or raise your palm to start the camera countdown.  

3. Learn the Tiny Outer Screen

Besides the fact that the new foldable smartphone can take selfies as well as show the live preview on the tiny while the smartphone is entirely closed, that small display has other features too. When you press the power key, it will display Time, Date and the remaining battery status. This little display is a full-fledged touchscreen that allows you to swipe your fingers across it to trigger many other cool things. For instance, by swiping your fingers from left to right on the screen, you can see the short notifications. You can also open a particular notification on the same screen by tapping on the present icons. While charging, it will show the charging progress in percentage and even the predicted time to complete the charging.

4. Flex Mode: Use Z Flip as a Miniature Laptop

Samsung has designed this phone in such a way that its turning point is firm enough to remain steady in any degree. You can even keep it foldable in a 90-degree angle and then use it as a laptop. When you open YouTube while keeping the Flex mode active, the video will play on the upper portion, and the comments would appear on the lower pane.   

Flex Mode Other Features:

  • Video calls with Google Duo.
  • While you browse your images in Gallery, the pictures would appear on the upper screen and the lower screen will remain blank and will be used as a touchpad.  
  • Hands-free selfies.  
  • Fold the phone to 90 degrees and then take photos and videos just like you do while connected to a tripod.

5. Split-Screen Apps

The Split screen feature works like a miracle in this 6.7-inch screen foldable phone; here is how to use the split-screen on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip:

  1. Open your phone, draw your finger upward on your phone screen to trigger the recently opened apps. Alternatively, head to the navigator bar and then press on recent apps icon.
  2. Now tap on the app that you want to open on the top screen and then tap and hold down the app icon.
  3. Next, a new menu would show up.
  4. Press on Open in the split-screen view.
  5. Then head to the second app that you want to open on the lower panel.  
  6. Now the split-screen mode will be enabled on your device.
  7. You can even use the divider scale to adjust each screen size.

6. One-Handed Use Gestures

When you enable Gestures in your Galaxy Z Flip, it becomes effortless to use it with one hand. To enable gestures, see these details:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Head to Display.
  3. Press on Navigate Bar.
  4. Select the Full-Screen gestures option.
  5. Now swipe up on your screen to head to Home, swipe up and hold down your finger on the screen to view recent apps. Swipe left or right to go back.

 7. 4 Months Free Subscription to YouTube Premium

The Z Flip comes along with four months free subscription of YouTube Premium and to claim it, see these instructions:

  1. Head to YouTube.
  2. Navigate to the Profile icon.  
  3. Choose YouTube Premium.
  4. Press on Try it Free.
  5. Provide credit card details.

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