How to Boost Up Old iPhone or iPad

Apple release a new iPhone and iPad version every year to keep the devices optimized and secure. It is not possible to buy every year a new Apple device, so it’s important to stay on the same software. It is also not possible to buy new hardware every year. If you are using an old version of the iPhone that works slow on the comparing of the latest version, then this blog helps you with some trick to fast your iPhone performance.


There are lots of people who say that user can speed their old iPhone by replacing the battery and restoring scratch. Maybe it can work, but it takes your money to change the battery. So before doing this type of work, let’s start with our tricks that are easy and economical.

Restart iPhone

Whenever the phone is working slowly, the user turns off and on their device to solve the issue. While it is not a sure-fix, it can make a difference. Some people usually reset their phones to solve this problem. Resetting your device can delete your data stored in your device so remember to backup your data from your iPhone to iCloud or any other drive. To restart your device, do this troubleshoot.

  1. Tap and hold the power button until the power slide appears on your device.
  2. Slide the icon from right to left your phone will be turned off.
  3. Similarly, Press and hold the power button again to start your iPhone again.

This troubleshoot especially works in Windows, but it can also work in the Apple device iPhone and iPad.

Minimize  Graphics Overhead by Disabling Eye

The graphic is one of the essential parts of the phones. Whenever you are buying a new device, you get a smooth and brightness on your screen. Your old device has the same liquid, but when your device is older, you need to improve your graphic settings to improve your view.

Follow the steps to manage your graphics setting:-

  1. Launch the Settings.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Hit Accessibility.
  4. In the Accessibility section, you see two categories, Increase contrast or Reduce Motion.
  5. First Hit on the Increase Contrast.
  6. Tap on the icon that next to Reduce Transparency to turn on this setting. It will be green.

This setting removes the transparency effect from your device, and you can see several things like UI elements and the Control Center, etc. It is seen as a grey, and this process allows your device more power to do other things with speed.

Second is Reduce Motion it will minimize several unwanted animations into your device like parallax effect from your iPhone home screen.

Remove Applications and Free Space in the iPhone

If your iPhone storage is full, or not available space in your device, then it may also be a reason behind a slow device. To free up space into your device, delete the unrequired applications as it can improve your speed into your device. Several applications work background processes, so stop the unnecessary applications while not in use via the notification setting.

  1. Remember to general settings open.
  2. Hit iPhone Storage.
  3. On your screen, you can see the space scale that indicates the storage of your device in descending order.
  4. Choose those applications that are not in use and uninstall them.
  5. You can also delete or uninstall from your home screen.
  6. If you delete the application through the storage setting, then you can see the storage of your device.

There is one more option is Offload App. This application will automatically delete the application by itself and save the Application data into the iPhone and iPad. Whenever you download the same application again, you got your data on the application.

Application Refreshes

Background application that running all the time is one of the main reason which takes device storage and the reason behind the running slow your device. To speed your device, Turn off the background running application via notification setting.

Here are the steps on how to refresh application on your device iPhone and iPad:-

  1. Launch the setting.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Hit Background app refresh.
  4. Here you can see two options, disable individually and wholesale.
  5. You can choose on behalf of your use, which performance is suitable for your device.

Delete Messages

Lots of messages in your device take the storage of your iPhone and become the reason behind a slow device. Many users do not delete their message regularly, here numbers of people who have keep thousand of the message that is useless. So you need some message to keep it in but delete the useless massage that is not useful to you. So regularly in the week or month clear your unhelpful message from your device to free up space.

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