Fortnite Vaults: How to Open Vaulty Doors With Key Cards

In Fortnite, players have earned the rewards and money to buy and upgrade the levels. There are five vaults in the game, and you need the keycard to open these vaults. Here, you can know where you can find these keycards and vaults.

Fortnite has recently released season 2. In this new season, it introduces the vaults in the game. The location of these vaults is fixed and mentioned in the game map. These vaults contain a tremendous amount of loot, which includes the XP and the gold weapons.

These vaults can be found in specific locked rooms, and to enter these rooms, you should have the key card. These keycards belong to different minibosses, so to get these cards, you have to kill them. For that, you should know the location of these minibosses, which you can find in this blog:

1. Shark Vault

Location: North-West Corner, in a basement.

Let’s start with the vault which name is The Shark Vault. You can get the keycard for this vault by eliminating the miniboss naming Skye. She carries the golden coated assault rifle with a low level of health. So, taking her down should not be a big problem for you. Once you take her down, pick up the keycard and the weapon too if you wish to. Now go to the phonebooth and take the new skin, which will be useful while unlocking the room.

Now, you have to go to the basement of the building. When you reach the room, you can see an icon there, use the HUD and insert the card to open the room (make sure you have used the skin to activate the disguise. If you don’t use the disguise, then you have to face the enemy with a total of 2,000 health points, where you can have severe damage.

After entering the room, converse with the panel near the door, which will open the vault. Now, all you have to do is collect the items in the vaults.

2. Rig Vault

Location: Oil Rig located at the South-West corner.

For this vault, you have to land in the area of the Henchmen or the Oil Rig. Once you have reached here, you have to face the miniboss named TNTina. This miniboss has also appeared in the trailer of the season too. You can find her patrolling the center arena or the top deck. She has a unique weapon named Boom Bow, and when you face her, you’ll come to know that she can be hefty and dangerous.

When you get the success in the combat with her, you have to take the keycard (you also can make the weapon too), head towards the vault located north side if you are at the center of the arena. Once you enter the rig, you will observe the vast legs used for the decoration all over the rig, walk past them, and you will find the door where you have to swipe the card and collect all the items you can see in there.

3. Grotto Vault

Location: Grotto located at the North-West corner of the map.

This vault can be hard to get because of the henchmen. They will be able to kill you the instant you enter from the main doors of the Grotto. Here, you have to land safely and get the weapons very quickly (which is inside the arena). Once you get the gun, it depends on your skill as the player to take the henchmen down. For this vault, you should have to get the disguise from the phone, both located by the sore of the water body.

After getting the disguise, you should go for the agent boss Brutus, on the north side. He has a minigun, but he can be dangerous with it due to the accuracy of the weapon. Never got too involved with the boss because you have to take care of the henchmen. This boss is beefy, which means you have to make some good shots on him for killing.

Once you have taken down the boss grab the keycard and head towards the vault (you can take the minigun too if you prefer short distant combat with higher accuracy). Use the keycard and open the vault, now collect all the things you can.

4. Yacht Vault

Location: The Yacht located on the North-East corner.

To get loot from this vault, you have to face the beefy boss Meowscles (which has the gun naming the Pew Pew rifle). Once you have landed here, you have to collect the weapon first and enter the yacht carefully. He is in the main hall with some of the henchmen. You have the option to have a fight with them or use the disguise and enter the room as a fellow henchman. For the disguise, you have to kill a henchman first who can be found patrolling the yacht. For this kind of mission, the shotgun can be handy, which can eliminate the henchmen very quickly.

Once you enter the room and handle the henchmen and boss, you can get the vault-card and the gun of the boss. Now, head towards the lower deck of the yacht. When you see the door of the vault, then use the card to open it, you know what to do next.

5. Agency Vault

Location: The highest building on the central island.

When you go for this vault, then you have to land in the central island near the biggest building. This building has been taken over by the Eye. Here you will find the final boss Midas. This character of the boss is a gold lover and loves to kill people.

You can find him inside the building doing the patrolling with his unique attracting weapon named Drum Gun. You will face a good level of combat with him and the Drum Gun. When you confront him, make sure you do not direct in front of him because this hefty gun can take you down very quickly. So, never forget to take cover in the combat. If you love to have the gunfight, then go without the disguise; otherwise, you have to go with the disguise.

To take the boss down, you have to take down the turret. Then go for the room of control panel. When you enter, you will see the previous gate will shut down. So, keep going forward and face the boss and take the card from him after you kill him.

Head to the vault with the card, use it when you see the door and collect the loot until it is empty.

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