How to Play YouTube in Background on iPhone

Watching videos on YouTube is something millions of people do every day. Though the ordinary irritation which exists while streaming the content on YouTube is its lack of background functionality. And so if you open any message or try to use other apps on the iPhone, then the video is going to stop playing. As you cannot play the video while using the YouTube app in the background, it is better than voice continues to play rather than stopping the complete video. However, there is a method to listen to YouTube content in the background for a long time.

It involves to navigate to the browser and play the video for a little bit. You may close the web. If you have performed this, it may enable you to navigate to the control center and click on the Play option that will play the content that you have already loaded in a mobile browser. If you need to play YouTube in the background on the iPhone, then this post might be useful for you. Keep on reading to follow the instructions.

YouTube Premium

Subscribing to YouTube Premium lets you play YouTube in the background, but you have to pay for it. But if you do not mind paying, then it is the best and easiest method to play video in the background of a device. It is necessary to remind as YouTube Premium is not similar to a YouTube TV. It is a separate service that enables users to watch satellite and cable TV using YouTube, making it the best cord service for the ones who need to watch their favorite TV shows. You may also use YouTube television to watch live broadcasts that are commonly useful for sports lovers.

Request for the YouTube Desktop Website

Rather than just using the common mobile browser website of YouTube on iPhone, a demanding desktop website appears to work for several people.

If you want to request for the YouTube Desktop website, then abide by the given steps:

  1. You have to click on aA icon at the left of the address box in Safari that introduces the small section of choices.
  2. Click Request Desktop website from options.
  3. Click on 3 vertical dots on Chrome.
  4. Then choose the Request Desktop website button.
  5. Then play video and go back to the home display. The content will then more likely is going to stop playing.
  6. Launch Control Center then press Play option to continue playing.

Use the Private Browsing

The procedure includes Privates mode on Safari. If you want to use private browsing, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Launch the Safari browser.
  2. Navigate to YouTube.
  3. Then launch the video that you like to play in background.
  4. Convert the session to the personal one. You may do that by clicking on rightmost symbol with bottom bar.
  5. Click on Private.
  6. It will then launch video in private sessions. As video plays, you may close the browser and play audio via the control center.

Several people have reported that the process does not work as some say that it still works. We cannot trigger it on the iPhone successfully that runs iOS 13.3.1, but to identify whether it works for you or not is to try it once.

Third-Party Apps

If nothing works, then you may try to download a third-party app that lets you stream content on the device in background.

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