GoJek Clone – The Future Of On-demand Services

GoJek has been the talk of the town ever since it set its foot in the on-demand economy. Owing to its popularity and success, several entrepreneurs are coming forward to invest in the development of an app like GoJek. This write-up elaborates on the various benefits of GoJek Clone and why it stands as a vital element in shaping up the future of on-demand services. 

About GoJek

As we all know, GoJek is a super app. It started its journey in the year of 2010 with courier delivery and two-wheeled ride-hailing services. Currently, it provides its users with various services, including ride-hailing, food delivery, digital payment, eCommerce, and the list goes on. 

Benefits of a GoJek Clone app 

There are several benefits to developing a GoJek clone app for your business. Firstly, you can reduce TTM. TTM is nothing but the Time To Market. Developing an app from scratch is tiring and time-consuming. With the help of clone scripts, you can hit the market in a relatively short time. Besides, the popularity of GoJek is an added advantage. We all know how successful GoJek already is. Incorporating the business model of an industry giant can spike up the performance of your business. 

Why Turnkey Town?

Our team of experts has more than seven years of experience in the industry and has served more than 1500 customers. We provide end-to-end solutions at affordable prices. We also provide post-launch support to our clients so as to guide them in all their business endeavors and help them face the hurdles that might come along the way. 

With us, you can transform your big ideas into reality! Approach our team for professional guidance. We have dedicated project managers to streamline the workflow of your projects. After analyzing your requirements, our team comes up with a prototype. Once you get satisfied with the prototype, we will kickstart the project right away. You can also customize our GoJek clone script according to your needs and preferences. We add the logo, brand name, language, etc., of your choice. At the end of the project, we will assist you in putting it up in the Play Store and the App Store. We will also provide you with the source code. 

Premium features:

Here are some premium features we can add to our GoJek clone app. We can also add other features of your choice if need be. 

  • Book for others

  • Corporate rides

  • Live ride tracking 

  • Call masking

  • In-app advertising 

  • Child seat preference

  • Airport surge charges

  • Real-time currency update 

  • Newsletter subscription

Summing Up! 

In this digital age, the reliance on technology has augmented dramatically. This has paved the way for the tremendous growth of the on-demand economy. So, with no further delay, go ahead and leverage the robustness of our GoJek clone app and scale up your business to great heights in no time! 


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Written by jasminesasha

Jasmine Sasha is a Digital Marketing Executive at TurnkeyTown, which is a prominent Mobile Clone App Development Company. She likes to share his knowledge and experience with people around by writing articles related to the uber clone app and Gojek clone app industry. He likes to explore and read more about the trends and needs of the clone app in different sectors, read books.


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