Do I Need A Battery For My Solar PV System At Home?

The rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems are installed used at various places all around the world. PV energy has a great capacity to supply energy and is noise-free. PV cells convert solar energy to direct electric energy. Solar energy generation has a long life with less maintenance and quality outcomes. Solar Energy is considered as a pure source of energy because of non-polluted nature. The battery in the Solar PV system is only required if you need energy storage backup and it is quite beneficial and effective.

How does the Solar PV system work with the integrated battery?

The installation of the battery is a really simple and cheaper process. Different types of batteries are available with different capacities at various places. The PV system in a normal way functions as a direct grid-connected PV system where the energy generated by the solar PV array is converted from direct current to AC power supply at the inverter and this energy is fed directly into the grid connection. The PV Systems with battery backup still maintain the same system with the whole setup where they are generating power by them is recorded, but sometimes when grid failure happens the batteries can also run off at that time.

What are the advantages of using a battery integrated PV system at home?

 Many utility grids are considered very reliable, the battery backup option ensures the user with the assurance that they can power critical loads in the absence of the grid without any chances of failure and have successfully done so. Batteries add a significant cost to a PV system but add the assurance and comfort of never 24 hours power with the least of maintenance chances. For a battery integration high voltage Direct Current output with integrated charger, an inverter with spare input, some wires with quick installation are the most efficient details. Safety switches are also present with the battery backup.

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