How to Fix WDF_Violation BSOD Error in Windows 10

“WDF” is an abbreviation of Windows Driver Frameworks. It is a set of Microsoft instructions and Driver Libraries that assists your internal data to generate device drivers.  The alert message of WDF_Violation signifies that your Windows detects something unusual error inside the framework driver.

Sometimes, users face various issues such as “Your PC ran into a problem and needed to restart.” It’s one of the most popular WDF_Violation issues.  This error message mostly arises on the device when you wish to boot just after recent updates. Users say that the system asks to restart your device when they wish to boot it even in the normal mode. This issue also called the BSOD or Blue Screen of Death.

There are various reasons behind this issue, such as corrupted framework disk or drivers or infected keyboard drivers. This issue prominently arises on HP computers.

WDF_Violation Issue and Prominent Reasons for this Error Code

The most prominent and suspected reason behind this issue is the faulty driver “HpqKb_Filtr.sys” which occurs when the system faces incompatibility by this infected driver. It might come through the HP device updates to your system. It’s a BSOD error that arises.

The results of these corrupted drivers flash this error issue and sometimes come with error code “0x0000010D” on your OS. If this error arises on your device, the OS fails to load or respond that lead to the flashing Blue screen having the quotation saying that the system needs to restart as your device ran into some issue.

In this case, you need to detect the main cause of this error issue by navigating the dump file of WDF and search for the “HpqKb_Filtr.sys” related option.

Here we are going to guide you on how to fix this issue conveniently on our device:

Using Command Prompt to Remove and Rename the Corrupted Driver

Once you have experienced this faulty error on your device, it is recommended to rename and remove the faulty driver placed on your device.

  • First and foremost, you should navigate to WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) on your device.
  • Next, hit the Troubleshoot option located at the repair window on Windows 10 Recovery Environment.
  • After that, press the section “Advanced Options.”
  • Now, hit the option Command Prompt from the available listing.
  • Then, you have to enter the following commands for your Windows edition followed by the Enter key:

For 32-bit Windows Edition, type the command “dism / Image: C _/Remove_Driver /Driver: C: Windows System_32 Driver_Store File_Repository hpqkb_filtr._inf_x86_f1527018_cecbb8c2 HpqKb_Filtr.inf.”

For 64-bit Windows Edition, enter the path “dism / Image:C:_ / Remove_Driver/Driver:  c: Windows System_32 driver_store File_Repository hpqkb_filtr.inf_amd64_714_aca050_8a80e_9aHpqKb_Filtr.inf.”

Note: In case the Windows is not placed inside the directory of Drive “C,” then you should replace “C” in the path.

  • After that, close the Windows of Recovery Environment and try to restart your PC.
  • Then, ensure that the problem is fixed properly or not.
  • In case you wish to rename your corrupted HP driver, then enter the path into Command Prompt Window:

“Cd c: windows  system_32 drivers”

“ren_HpqKb_Filtr.sys HpqKb_Filtr.sys_old.”

  • After that, tap on the Enter button to proceed.
  • At last, reboot the device to make your system to save all the modifications.

Disconnecting All the Connecting devices to USB

In some cases, the faulty errors are generated due to infected USB peripheral devices such as a camera, microphone, mouse, etc. In this case, it is recommended to detach all of them to troubleshoot the issue. USB connected devices can be detached by deactivating USB sections located under BIOS as per instructions:

  • First and foremost, reboot your device and tap on the key “F2” again and again to get into the BIOS. You can hit Del in the same manner.
  • When the BIOS window expands up, go to Advanced Button.
  • Then, tap on “Miscellaneous Devices” section tap.
  • Press the External USB ports and then disable the option “External USB.”
  • Next, save and then exit from the BIOS page.

Once you have completed all the steps, then reboot your device and check that the Violation error is removed from the PC or not. If not, then follow the next procedures.

Methods to Uninstall Bluetooth Driver under Safe Mode

  • In the beginning, navigate to the “WinRE” page and then tap on the Troubleshoot option.
  • After that, hit the Advanced section.
  • Now, tap the Startup Settings option.
  • Reboot the device to launch Startup Settings.
  • Next, hit the F5 tab and then choose the option “Enable safe Mode” to run it on your device under a safe state.
  • After that, tap the Window key and X buttons.
  • Then, select the option “Device Manager.”
  • Locate the Bluetooth Driver and tap right-click on it.
  • Select “Uninstall Device” by navigating the menu section.
  • A prompt window will appear on your device, then remove the driver by selecting the appropriate option.
  • Then, tap on the Uninstall tab there.
  • Finally, reboot your PC to accept changes.



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