Is it possible to replicate the success of Dream11 app for my company?

Dream11 has become more than just an app it has become an inspiration for several entrepreneurs to start a Fantasy cricket app like Dream 11. There are several competitors when it comes to providing fantasy sports to its customers. But Dream11 has emerged as the successful one. So there arises a question that can anyone replicate the success of the massive Dream11 app? The answer is Yes. Because if you take the population of India into account you can easily predict that creating new sports fantasy apps will have a high potential to reach more people. Every year the astronomical growth of the industry has been witnessed by the world.

Dream11 offers fantasy sports like cricket, kabaddi, football, and basketball out of which cricket and kabbadi emerged as the most popular sport in rural parts of the country. Football and basketball are slowly gaining its pace in the Northern parts of India. This is a good indication for other companies that are planning to set it a strong foot in this country. As Dream11 provides its platform on both websites and mobile app people find it easier to use in their day to day life anywhere.

It also provides the easy log-in feature for its customers as users can connect to their social media accounts or google account instead of creating a new account on the app. Dream11 has a very secure payment gateway since all the user’s accounts will be asked to enter their PAN card number to avoid any unforeseen fraudulent events in the transaction process. The exclusive features of Dream11 app that brings exclusive fan engagement to them are listed below. You can choose to use them in your app so that you can establish your company as a popular brand.

Push notifications

Real-time analytics

Live match scores

GPS location tracking

Custom mail reminder system

Live score API integration


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