28% of mobile apps face the uninstall in the first 30 days

                                             80% of users don’t use certain apps after three months

What these stats predict to you?

Not every mobile app in the market is successful and only a few are aware of the secrets of how to create an app!

Yes, this is the harsh but sad fact, that suggests mobile apps and their usage in the real world.

However, one doubt remains here that what makes these mobile apps to flunk but others to fly?

So the answer is; successful mobile apps don’t entertain certain mistakes, and this is what makes them going stronger and successful in the app market.

Are you willing to know more about such mistakes?

Worry not, we have covered a full-stack of mobile app development mistakes, in this post for you.

So just read ahead and create a successful app solution…

Too many elements in Design

When a mobile app comes into existence there are several other factors that must be considered as well. And in this design is the most vital aspect of the app development journey.

Many designers create an app with too many elements, thinking to give it a different approach. But unknowingly this approach only clutters the user interface and disengage users.

You must keep the design of your app as simple as possible, and you should understand the business and the audience type. For instance, a restaurant app can have a bright color theme, with quirky buttons, but at the same time, while developing a mentation app, you need to keep the color theme very light with hues of different pastel shades.

Crating a desktop replica

Desktop users are different from the pap users, and so are their demands. If you are thinking of replicating your website into an app, then you need to pause and read this.

A website has a different user base that requires a different interface, whereas an app has a different requirement, and needs pinch zoom, swipe scroll finger expand and other such features.

Hence your app needs to be completely different from your website, to engage users on a broader scale.

Including too many features

I know you want to engage your users, and win the competition, but that does not mean you must give a flood of features to your users. 

Go slowly!

An app is a new platform for your users to access your offered services, and they require some time to understand its functionalities and offered features. When you provide them with too many features, they get confused and find it complicated to use your app.

Keep updating your app at regular intervals, and help your users to get accustomed to its offerings.

Developing for many platforms

It is the dream for many out there to get a mobile app that is used and liked by the larger consumer base. It’s a very nice idea, but in this run, you should not go overboard by capturing every possible platform for your app. Keep the platform option only sufficed to the required as per your users’ needs. 

This will help you to save development time and also you will be able to save huge BUCK in your pocket.

Research and find out the most used platform by your targeted audience, and get your app developed on it.


Heavy app that consumes BIGGER space

Not every user has a mobile with unlimited storage, and some of the devices available are not even good with the battery point as well. 

Hence, if your mobile app will consume a lot of space, then no matter how good your app is, users would not think twice before uninstalling it.

Give attention to the app size, and ensure to get the app optimized on all 

web assets, remove extra codes, reduce the image size, keep the animations as lighter as possible, and much more.


Testing sans QA approach

Many of us think that testing must be conducted by the developers as they know the app project better.

No, this is not the right approach. The jib of your developer is to build the app, and for them, their developed solutions is one of the best. But actually, testing must be done with a QA team, that has the required exposure and the skills to handle the testing from different perspectives.

Your QA team is dedicated to practicing different testing strategies, and handle your app project with different approaches. They help you to find out the bugs and make it seamless and perfec t for the users.

Turning a deaf ear to reviews

Do you know the worth of app reviews?

They can trigger the success formula for your app. An app review gives you an unbiased approach form the users’ end, and help you to improve the app functionality.

Remember there is always a scope for improvement! When you create a mobile app, there can be multiple places, which need to be worked upon form the users’ perspectives. And who else can tell you better about them, then your users?

Pay attention to their reviews, answer them, and this will not just help you to improve the app’s functionality, but it will also help you to win the trust of your users.

Not updating your app regularly

If you think a mobile app development journey ends with the app deployment, then you are hugely mistaken.

Once your app, deploys on its respective store, a new journey starts from there. And here you must notice that it must get updated regularly.

An app is a technical piece, and prone to bugs and viruses, which can kill your users’ experience. Hence, you need to keep a check on the app’s health on a regular interval and fix the error wherever it needs to be addressed.

The final thoughts

These mistakes can cost the success of your mobile app, and can even make it get uninstalled from the users’ phones. In simpler words, an error-free mobile app requires a deep knowledge form your users. And to help it gain, you must reach out to a team of skilled app developers, and get a successful app come into existence.


What do you think?


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