Types Of Transport Carts That Can Be Used In Laboratories

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Transportation carts or goods carts are becoming more common in industrial laboratories. These laboratories need a ton of supplies regularly and moving a huge amount of supplies can become a daunting task for humans. So, these carriers are used to move things efficiently and faster. There are different types of transport cartsthat can be used in a laboratory. 

Some of the most used carts are –

Hand Trucks- These are off of the most common and most used carts. Hand trucks are affordable and easily available. It is basically a cart with one pair of wheels and operated manually, This cart has a toe plate to store the equipment of goods and a long frame supports the weight of the goods. This cart is pulled backward during transportation. Hand trucks are often modified to move barrels of liquids or jars with safety. Some carts also have a latch to keep the goods secured in places during transportation.

Pallet trucks-   Pallet trucks or jacks are used if a laboratory needs to move palletized loads from one place to another. It comes with a parallel platform that lifts things and moves things These carts can also be used to unload a larger supply. It is more common in pharmaceutical labs which need to send many batches of goods per day.  It has a fork under a pallet. The cart driver lifts a hydraulic jack to move the platform upwards to downwards, There are manual pallet trucks, gas-powered trucks, and electric jacks.

Go carts- Go carts are small versions of a four-wheel car. These carts are automatic and can carry a lot of loads. Go carts can be electric, gas-powered. The go-carts often have a load area where materials are stored for transportation.  But, they do not have any suspension.

Platform carts-  These are specially designed trucks or carts to carry a huge load. It is often manually operated and is a basic cart. The platform trucks have a large platform with large wheels. The platforms can carry many goods at once. Usually, one or two people pull the cart during transportation. The manual carts have handles at their end. Some carts also have a special attachment so that they can be connected to a go-cart or any other machine operated carts for easy transportation. Some models may have side railings to prevent the fall of the goods. It is also used in cases where a large number of products are transported daily.

A-Frame trucks-  It is another cart that is used to transport paneled goods. These have flatbed trucks. The trucks have some vertical dividers. The panels of products are liquid in between the panels. Some carts have a larger load capacity.

Cage trucks-  Another manually powered cart in this list, These are called trucks but are small carts. The carts have a base platform and come with a cage at the three sides of the cart. Cage carts are great if a laboratory deals with fragile items. It keeps products secured and prevents them from falling off. It is ideal if you need to transport goods over a short distance.

Security carts- Security carts are used if some volatile material or precious material needs to be transported. The cart is covered with transparent mesh walls or cages. The cart has doors and can be locked for added security. It is usually manually powered.

Work Carts- A versatile cart that we used to transport goods over a small distance. It is another common cart seen in industrial laboratories. These carts can have two or four wheels for the convenience of transportation. It is compact and can be pushed or pulled by a single person. The carts may have variation according to the goods, goods weight, the dimension of the cart, etc. It is also used for cleaning services in the laboratories.

Shopping carts- It is a small manual cart with a caged basket and four wheels. It comes with a handlebar for easy pushing and pulling. These carts are often used to transport small amounts of materials in laboratories.

What to consider before choosing a cart for a laboratory

If a laboratory is buying carts to transport their goods then the operators and workers need to think about different points before choosing the cart model. For example, if they need to transport liquid or sensitive material, a locked or caged cart is ideal, Fir regular supplies, manual carts or lift carts are great. If there is a huge amount of supply, motor carts or go-carts and forklifts can be used. understands the demands of the new age laboratories and offers them different models of carts in an affordable price range.


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