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Glove boxes refer to a box that contains gloves and openings that might be on the same or opposite sides with gloves attached to them. These allow the operator to work peacefully inside the isolated environment. The gloves come in quite handy and they are prepared with the help of acrylic paste or with tempered glass that allows the user to see what is going in the box and so that he can temper with the happenings and know the manipulations inside it. Different types of glove boxes are there which are available. However, traditionally there used to be only two types of glove boxes namely containment and isolation glove boxes.

The idea of containment boxes is that they are basically used to protect the workers as well as other people from the hazardous material or the harmful bacteria. On the other hand, the isolation glove boxes also maintain an inert gas environment while performing any kind of experiment or other tasks. There may be plastic laboratory glove boxes of some kind that have to bother the environments so it should be kept in mind while using them.  There are different kinds of work in a laboratory and different resources are required for different processes therefore it is important that the specifications are checked before using them.

There are different plastic laboratory glove boxes that are available and they are as follows:

Isolation glove boxes 2100 series: This laboratory glove box comes with a special gas purging system that can be quite beneficial to the laboratories. This series comes in various materials, configurations, and sizes. The main feature of these glove boxes is that they provide a lower humidity environment also termed as an oxygen-free controlled environment when combined with the inert gas purging system.  These glove boxes are an ideal choice for the laboratories, clean rooms, electronic assembly and for other critical services. These can also be used in the industries where semiconductors and conductors are manufactured and also in pharmaceutical industries. These glove boxes are quite ideal for general purpose processing. The non-dissipative acrylic can easily be damaged with the help of certain cleaning agents. The chemical that has been used in its manufacture that is acrylic helps in eliminating the static charges and keeps the box dry and clean and moreover, it doesn’t attract the particles from the air and has quite a powerful resistance.

Isolation glove boxes 2200 series: these are the portable glove boxes with the inert gas options. The 2200 series glove boxes are quite light in weighing and are quite portable and save maximum space. They have a 27’’ width and come with a front tilt window and an airtight lock. The function of the economical glove boxes is similar to and has a standard as the 2100 series. These have a large variety of materials that save the accessories from humidity and these also have inbuilt oxygen control and monitoring system.

Isolation glove boxes 2500 series: This is a compact and portable glove box that has been designed to allow us to manipulate the objects wherein a separate atmosphere is required but comparatively on a smaller scale. It is the best to be used in the mail handlings, laboratories and clean rooms. The operator can easily put their hands into the glove box from the side ports and then perform their desirable tasks inside the box. There is a transparent construction for the user to see what is being manipulated.

Stainless steel glove boxes 2800 series: The Stainless steel glove boxes have been made to provide a sealed environment that protects the critical use of equipments. These have been constructed from high-quality stainless steel in order to give a non-destructible frame to the box. It doesn’t allow oxygen and water to enter the box thus preventing the accessories kept inside it.

Vacuum glove box 2700 series: This glove box series provides a low-pressure environment with the help of a system vacuum pump. Nitrogen replaces oxygen or argon in the main chamber in order to create an inert gas atmosphere. This environment then helps the researchers to conduct their experiments without going out of containment or without the risk of contamination from the reactive gases. These Vacuum Glove Box help to conduct a lot of experiments.


Laminar flow glove box isolator 2600 series: The laminar flow glove box provides a sterile and an environment with positive pressure inside and keeps safe the non-hazardous drugs. HEPA filters have a unidirectional flow that works within the work zones as well as in the chamber area to minimize contamination and maintain the sterile conditions. The backbone of the filter is a direct-drive electric motor that helps to force air through HEPA filter.


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