How to Proceed with Data Recovery from Mobile?

We save contacts as well as store the moments of our life either in the form of photos or other media files on our mobile phones. These devices are prone to damage as well as losing the data doesn’t mean you can’t get them back. You can easily get back the deleted photos, contacts, message, videos, files, and music from your damaged mobile. It is quite easy to retrieve your data stored in the iPhone or Android devices. Furthermore, with prominent data recovery services companies, you can easily get back what you are looking for.

Data recovery

Data you can Retrieve from your Mobile Phone

Here is a list of data that you can recover from your damaged mobile phone.

  • Contacts: You can recover all the contacts saved on your mobile like numbers, names, email addresses, etc. 

  • Messages: You can retrieve all of your received or sent text messages as well as multimedia messages from your damaged mobile. 

  • Documents: All the documents whatever they are in .html, .doc, .pdf, .zip, .xls or any other file format can be recovered easily. 

  • WhatsApp Chat: You can recover all the photos, videos, audio, documents, WhatsApp messages, or other attachments that you have received and send from your mobile.

  • Gallery: Whatever be the size of the gallery, it can be recovered easily. 

  • Videos: You can retrieve any type of videos, be it a recorded one or downloaded from the internet. 

Different types of Data Loss Scenarios

Smartphones or other mobile can experience technical glitches after being exposed or dropped. Viruses/malware attack can as well be the reason for the deletion of data. Some of the common failure scenarios are: 

  • Your mobile gets into the contact of water. 

  • You may have deleted accidentally. 

  • The circuit board or device is faulty or broken. 

  • You may lose data while performing a factory reset of the device. 

  • Malware or virus infection. 

  • Hardware failure or power surges. 

  • The mobile device suddenly becomes dead. 

  • During screen damage, the storage unit of the device may also be hampered. 

  • If there are so many corrupted files on the memory of your mobile, then there is a chance of data loss. 

Whatever be the reason behind the data loss, all the data can be retrieved easily. 

Data Recovery on Different Types of Mobile Devices

Have a look at the types of mobile devices from which data can be retrieved easily: 

iOS-based Devices 

iOS-based devices store all the data in their internal memory on a NAND memory card. The advanced iOS devices also come with the crypto processors that encrypt data before it is written to the internal flash memory. It can make the data recovery procedure quite hard. But, don’t worry, all the data can be recovered by using advanced techniques. 

Android Devices 

Android devices also allow different types of internal data storage. These include NAND internal memory, SIM cards, and Micro SD cards, unlike Apple iOS devices. All the deleted data can be retrieved from each of these storage devices. 

Cell Phones 

Cell phones are not popular like smartphones. But, it still contains essential data such as contacts information, SMS, emails, and MMS. All the deleted data or physically damaged components can be retrieved easily from the cell phones. 

Along with the aforementioned, the data also can be recovered from Tablets, iPads, or BlackBerry devices. The SIM cards of the mobile phone also store contacts and some messages in their memory. It also can be retrieved quickly. 

What to do When your Mobile Devices Fails? 

When the mobile fails, then you need to get some precautions. It will enhance the chances of getting back the data. Take a look at the precautions/ tips that you can implement in case of data loss scenarios: 

Corrupted Data or Accidental Deletion 

If you notice that there are corrupted data on your memory or if you have deleted anything from the device accidentally, then immediately turn the device Off to avoid the further damage. 

Water Exposure

If your mobile device comes in contact with the water, then remove the battery immediately. At this time, don’t try to connect the device with the power source. Or even don’t try to turn it On as there is a chance of power surge. 

Where to Seek Help for Data Recovery?

There is software that can be used to recover data from your mobile device. You can also seek help from Android Data Recovery Dubai to get back all the deleted data within a short time. You can download and install the software from your computer and then connect the damaged device with that. Run that software and your lost data can be recovered within just a few clicks. 

After trying these, if you are unable to recover the deleted data, then you can get in touch with our experts. Our efficient technicians know the advanced methods to extract user data and they can do that without affecting the flash memory. 

Furthermore, they are efficient in recovering data from any types of storage devices. We have already provided assistance to customers who intended to get back the essential data on their mobile device. So, don’t waste your time, contact us immediately to recover all the data of your damaged mobile device. 


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