How to Open Windows Security Application on Windows 10

The digital world and its associated devices are very vulnerable to online and offline threats in the form of viruses, malware, spyware, and much more. To handle these malicious elements on your device, a dynamic and accessible security program is provided by Windows 10. It gives various affordable and quality virus fixing accessories. These include some of the features mentioned below:

  • Account and Data protection
  • Real-time system scan
  • Firewall setup features
  • Quick file scanning

These are the most preferred and necessary tools to deal with harmful elements, but before using these features and programs, you just need to expand the Windows Security application. It seems doesn’t so easy for multiple users, but here we are providing a series of instructions for opening the security app in this easy and precise format.

Using Notification Bar

  • In the beginning, go towards the right-hand side panel of your Taskbar and then hit the arrow button facing upward related to the option “Show Hidden icons.”
  • Now, hit the shield icon to launch the Windows security application in a direct manner.

Using Start Menu

  • Hit the Start tab by hitting the Window logo and then scroll your page downward for locating the character “W” there.
  • Hit the section “W” and search for the listing of applications. Then hit the app “Windows Security.”

Using Taskbar to launch the Windows Security Program

  • Firstly, hit the search pane of Taskbar by tapping the keywords “Window logo and S key.”
  • Now, insert “security” into the search and then choose the “Windows Security” option from the resulting option.

Using Settings Application

  • At the start, expand the page of application Windows Settings through the Windows icon, and I key.
  • Then, hit the Update and Security option there.
  • After that, navigate to the “Windows Security” section located at the extreme left edge sidebar.
  • Now, navigate towards the right-side panel and hit the tab “Open Windows Security.”

Using the “Ask Cortana” feature on Windows 10

  • First of all, go to the Taskbar and then tap the icon resembles Cortana.
  • Then, make sure to login with Microsoft Account.
  • After that, hit the microphone symbol and proceed with giving the voice order. “Hey, Cortana! Just launch Windows Security.”

Creating a Desktop Shortcut

  • First and foremost, apply the right mouse click on the desktop and, after that, hit the “New” button.
  • Now, choose the option “Shortcut.”
  • Next, input the command: “%_wind_ir%explorer_exe _windows_defender//.” Now give a particular name to your shortcut. For ex, “Windows Security.”
  • Then, hit the Finish tab there.
  • After that, hit the right click on the available shortcut for Windows Security.
  • Then, hit the Properties tab.
  • Go to the Shortcut section and press the Change icon tab.
  • If you wish to navigate and explore with additional options, then enter this command:

“%_Program_Files%Windows_ DefenderEpp_Manifest.dll.”

  • Now, tap the Enter button.
  • Select a particular shield icon and hit the OK tab there.
  • Press the Apply tab and then press the OK option. This option will be located in the window resembles “Properties.”

Using Windows Security to launch Taskbar and Menu Panel

  • Hit the Start tab and go to the section of W containing various applications.
  • Once you have got the section of Windows Security, then apply right mouse click on it and then choose the option “Pin to Start.” These actions will launch the Windows Security Title located at the right-hand side section of the start. Alternatively, you can hit the More tab, and once the extension appears on your screen, choose Pin to Taskbar option.
  • You can also apply another method in this way:
  • Firstly, enter the keywords: security into the search panel of Taskbar and then hit the arrow tab located just after the application of security.
  • Then, hit either Pin to Taskbar or Start related Pin option by navigating the right-hand side section.

 Using Run Prompt Window to Expand Open Windows Security Application

  • At the very start, hit Window logo and R key to expand the dialog box associated to RUN.
  • Then input “windowsdefender” into the task section.
  • At last, hit the OK tab.

Using Task Manager

  • Apply right mouse click on the Taskbar and then select Task Manager Option. It will be available via the pop-out menu.
  • Then, hit the File tab and, after that, choose the option “Run New Task.”
  • Insert “windows defender” into the available bar, followed by the Enter key.

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