How to Adjust Bass on Windows 10

Sometimes, high-quality headset or speakers fails to produce rich quality bass in sounds that you wish to hear on Windows 10. Then you might blame your hardware gadget or the Speaker itself, but the real issue slightly differs from it. It might be the configuration issue related to the particular audio driver. One can use reliable or third party equalizer for producing good bass.

There might be some sound settings error in the sound system or headset that refuses to reflect sound through the sound card. Here is how to get the maximum bass quality on the speakers running on Windows 10. Pursue these instructions to decrease or lower bass on your Speaker:

Using APO Equalizer for Reducing Bass

There are numerous equalizers available online for managing the sound effects and bass quality.  Third-party programs may help you in this regard. If you wish to minimize the bass of your Speaker, then we suggest you use equalizer APO that will provide high tech customizing effects.

Pursue these offered guidelines to download and use it to manage your bass effects:

  • In the beginning, launch the browser that you want and go to the main page of “Equalizer APO.”
  • Once the page expands up, hit the Download tab there.
  • Now, your browser will ask you to install the exe files, then select the preferred file location and abide by the on-screen indications.
  • Then, tap on the Save button.
  • When you have got the file downloaded, tap double mouse click on the file.
  • Once the UAC file prompts up for permission, hit the Yes tab as your confirmation.
  • Now, you have to hit the following option from the installation window that arrives on your screen:

“Yes=_> Next=_> I_agree=_>_Next=_> _Install.”

  • Go to the confirmation panel and then mark the checkbox related to Speaker and shut the expanded Window.
  • Now, tap the YES tab there, asking for the confirmation to open an earlier window anytime.
  • Got to the last page section of the customizing wizard pane and hit the Reboot Now button. This option executes the device to start again.
  • Then, hit the Finish tab there.
  • Now, the Windows will reboot successfully, and all the modifications will be saved automatically.
  • When the configuration of Window appears, then hit the icon of Window and simultaneously hit the “S” tab. Then, enter “Configuration” into the search panel, followed by the Enter key.
  • Choose the Configuration Editor tab from the resulting options.
  • Proceed with the process with the application window. Now, you can manage the bass of the particular Speaker as per the requirements by adjusting the slider. E.g., you may adjust any of the given sliders ranging from 25 to 160 columns sets just upon the line of neutral for enhancing the quality of bass.
  • In case you wish to decrease bass on your device, then press and adjust the slider from 25 to 1601 column lines just lower to the “0” line.
  • For customizing the settings pane, you have to check each section and hit the appropriate one.
  • Then, go to your desired settings and hit the File option. This option will be located at the uppermost left side edge of your Window, Hit the Save button.
  • Now, select the preferred location in which you can save your files and renaming all the contents.
  • Finally, hit the Save tab to finish the tasks.

Adjusting Sound Bass on Mac using eqMac

  • First and foremost, launch the “eqMac” download section on your preferred browser.
  • Hit the Download tab. This option will be located on the right-hand side section of the screen.
  • After that, pursue these guidelines to get the eqMac installed on your Mac machine. It will be installed on your device in a short time:
  • Double-tap on the DMG file of eqMac.
  • Hit the press the icon of eqMac from the folder of Applications.
  • Then, authenticate the installation procedure if asked.
  • Now, abide by the on-screen indications.
  • After performing all the above guidelines, hit the icon of Launchpad. It appears like a rocket symbol logo on the dock section of Mac.
  • Now, hit the icon resembles rows of vertical sliders available as eqMac. This action will launch the menu section of Mac.
  • After hitting the icon, you have to tap the Open button there.
  • Go to the menu bar and hit the eqMac icon there. It will be located in the uppermost section of the menu bar. Now, a pull drop menu will expand upon your machine.
  • Now, investigate each bass section and manage it according to your desire.
  • Follow these adjustments tips for adjusting your Mac bass:

For maximizing bass:

  • Press and hold the slider located just above the horizontal line of “0” and ensure that the trebling sliders are placed beneath the line.

For Decreasing Bass:

  • Just drag the sliders to the below of the line indicated as “0.” Then, ensure that the slider resembling tremble is located somewhere below or above the line.
  • Now, tap the floppy disk logo situated at the upper right-hand side edge of the menu bar. Now enter a name for the settings and hit the floppy icon. This option will choose the preset feature even if Mac’s sound stock settings is turned Off.

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