How to Access Work Passwords from Your Home Devices

A lot of people are working from home these days due to health issues outbreak all across the world. The companies are encouraging their employees to work from home, which has raised several concerns regarding the devices used for completing the official tasks. One of the most significant problems that have raised is regarding accessing the work passwords from the home devices. The solution to the problem is quite simple and straightforward. There is no need to type complicated, lengthy, and secured passwords every time. Now, the simple answer is installing Chrome on the iPad or IPhone you are using and then sync the password all your devices. You can log in with your account while accessing through the browser on your devices. The users can also choose the slightly complicated method which involves syncing your work account in Chrome on your iPad or IPhone. However, switching between the accounts multiple synced account on iPadOS and iOS and your devices is not so easy. The users have to Sign out of their accounts and then turn off the sync temporarily before they move to sign in some other device.

The process of setting up and switching between multiples Google accounts and Chrome profiles is not easy and somewhat painful to an extent. Instead, the users can pull up their Password Manager when they Log in into their work account in Chrome. The users can click on Settings appeared in the icon of gear and then hit on Export Passwords. This will led the users to their desktop as the file of.CSV and from there you will be required to log out from the work account you have. After that, the users will need to log into their personal account on their laptop or desktop within Chrome while entering Chrome://flags/#PasswordImport into the search bar, and then hit the enter button.

Further, the users turn the flag of Password import on while restarting their browser. After pulling up the Settings of Chrome by tapping on a triple dot icon displayed in the right corner, select the Settings. Now, tap on Passwords while going to the section of Autofill and then click on Saved Passwords for getting the new option of Import.

The users will become able to load the file.CSV of all their work passwords previously saved in Chrome while tying them to their accounts. Further, the users can tap on You and Google and then choose Manage Sync for the confirmation whether their passwords are going to be synced anywhere they have Signed up into Chrome by using their personal account. Now, the users can pull up their work password to their home devices such as iPad or iPhone as long as the accounts opened on latter devices also syncing passwords from their account of Chrome. This could be checked in the Settings menu of each device for the Chrome application. However, the most reliable thing is to move all your passwords to the password manager, which enables the users to access their devices whenever they want to, and the process is quite easy.

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