How to fix Can’t Type into Search Box Error on Windows 10

The search bar is the most important feature on every Windows to access the applications and programs quickly. It used to launch the data or application instantly with ease if you are in a very hurry and don’t want to access the particular program with a long and clumsy process. Sometimes, users face various problems while accessing the Search section, even on Windows 10. One of the most arising Search Box errors is not responding or fails to accept the entry into the search bar. Thus, the system flashes the error message “Windows 10 Can’t Type into Search Box.”

There is a variety of reasons for arising this error issue on your device. It usually fails to work smoothly if you have updated your OS to the latest version. In this case, you need to troubleshoot the issue by abiding some of the important guidelines.

Here is how to make the Search Box work smoothly:

Running PowerShell Command

  • At the very start, apply the right mouse, click on the tab “Start.”
  • After that, hit the option Windows PowerShell by the resulting options. Make sure that you have given your computer to access the Admin rights.
  • Now, enter the under-mentioned path into the command window. This option is located in the section Window of PowerShell.

“Get_App_XPackage _AllUsers_Where_Object_{$_Install_Location _like “/System_Apps_”}//For_each (Add_Appx_Package _Disable_Development_Mode _Register_//Install_LocationApp_XManifest.xml)

  • Next, hit the Enter option there.
  • Once the Command is properly executed, hit the Close tab to exit from the expanded Window.
  • Now, check for any search entry by typing the search keywords into the search panel.
  • In case you still face the issue, then try these PowerShell Troubleshooting steps:
  • Firstly, hit the right tap on the provided Taskbar.
  • Then, choose the Task Manager option there.
  • Hit the File tab and choose the “Run New Task” option there.
  • Launch the Run pane and then check for the option for creating the task having admin controls.
  • Insert the keywords: “PowerShell” and hit the OK tab to proceed.
  • Go to the Window related to PowerShell and then input the following path:

“$mani_fest_//Get_Appx_Package _Microsoft_Windows_Store_Install_Location _Appx_Manifest.xml’ Add_App_Package _Disable_Development_Mode _Register _manifest”

  • After that, hit the Enter key to proceed with your Command.
  • Once the Command is properly executed, shut the Window of PowerShell.
  • After that, enter any keywords into the search pane of Windows 10 and then make sure that is a problem is properly resolved. If not, it is requested to restart the device and then check the issue.

Running Alternate User Input File

  • In the beginning, launch the File Explorer and go to the under-mentioned storage venue:

“C: Windows_system_32”

  • Look for the file “ctfmon.exe” via the search bar into the particular directory.
  • Apply right mouse click on the “ctfmon.exe” file and hit the Open tab there.
  • Select the File Explorer option.
  • Now, enter any search entry into the search pane and then ensure that the tissue is removed.
  • In case you still face the issue, then you will need to create a task for running the file “ctfmon.exe” in an automatic way just after the process of every booting.

Using Dedicated Application Search Software

There is another way of searching the file apart from the built-in search bar. If you are thinking of choosing third party applications for this task, then it is recommended to use a reliable and stable application to avoid this crashing issue.

One can use the Copernic Desktop search tool that serves the best quality searching program. It provides 100 search entries for free. For further search entries of more than 100 files, you have to purchase its subscription.

Restarting the Process of Cortana

  • In case you are still facing the issue, then try restarting Cortana Process into the search panel.
  • Apply right mouse click on the particular Taskbar and hit the Task Manager to launch.
  • Search for the Cortana Process inside the section Process and then tap on it.
  • Hit the End Task option there, and it will finish the process.
  • Then, shut the expanded Window and hit the search bar to reboot the Cortana process to accept all modifications.

Restarting File Explorer

  • One can troubleshoot the Search entry failure issue by starting the File Explorer again. To do so, pursue these guidelines:
  • Launch the Task Manager window. It will be located inside the section of your PC Taskbar.
  • Then search for the “Windows Explorer” via the process panel. Select the same and hit the Restart button there.
  • Now, reboot the device finally and check that the search entry issue is solved.

 If you are still experiencing the error, it is recommended to contact your product manufacturing site to get the technical support of it as it might be the issue regarding your system hardware.

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