How to recover Google Account using the date of birth?

How to recover Google Account using the date of birth?

Google account is the world’s most technologically advanced app which targets its users on the basis of their interest on the internet and provides a person with the option of setting the privacy and security of the Google account.

This account provides security to itself by using the protection of the password using which it only allows the user to access the Google account sometimes it Google account inaccessible to the users for which the user need to recover the Google account recovery.

Process of Gmail account recovery date of birth

•Visit the Website. Go to the official website of Gmail and enter the Email ID, now click on the option of Forget Password to open the Gmail’s account recovery page.

•Get to the Security questions. The user will be asked to recover the Gmail account through Email ID or Phone number, the user need to click on the option of Try Another Way to access the recovery step of recovering the Gmail account via Security Questions.

•Give Date of Birth. At the step of Gmail account recovery, the user needs to enter the answer of the Security Question of Date of Birth of the user of the Gmail account and enter it in the required web-field which is associated with the Gmail account.

•Create a New Password. Once the Date of birth is inserted, a user will be able to create a new password and confirm it by re-entering it in the required column of the Gmail account recovery page.

By following the process which is given above a user can perform the task of Google Account Recovery By Date of Birth, if the user is still facing the problem then they can contact the customer support of Gmail by visiting the Google support web pages.


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