Short Guide on How to Choose a Watch?

A watch is the essential accessory that a guy must wear in all circumstances, for a job interview, a walk in the forest, and even a running session! A watch is also a gift that always pleases, but we quickly break our heads to know how to choose it? This is why, here I will try to give you simple enough advice so that you understand better how one makes his choice.

First of all, when we talk about watches, we mean brands. And often, by questioning passersby, we realize that they know very few brands like: Rolex , or Festina . But it's not just these. There are many brands for a wide range of budgets. In this regard, a magazine that I particularly appreciate: The Good Life. An excellent hybrid business and lifestyle magazine for men which, in its latest issue, focused on a special Watches section: The Good Watches. So yes, it is aimed at an audience of mature men, from an age group of 35 to … no age. 

However, it is nonetheless very pleasant to read. The style is just top! I will not paraphrase what they wrote, but they present many Swiss or French watches, including L'Ellipse by Patek Philippe (Switzerland), and LVMH . In short, I recommend that you read it you will not waste your time, and you will not see the lines pass so much that it is well written. At the end of the guide, I will introduce you to one of my favorite brands like royal london

Then there is the rendering, the visual aspect which is one of the most important factors. Know already, that when you are told “Take a watch with a big dial, it looks very manly”, this is entirely false. Indeed, it depends on the size of your wrist. We therefore adapt the watch to the size of his wrist. Otherwise, it will give a too heavy rendering, and not at all refined. 

Similarly, when you choose a watch, the horns of it (this is where you attach the dial to the bracelet) should not exceed the wrist, and they should not be too inside this last, otherwise it will give a too feminine visual. The push buttons on the sides are also something to watch out for. Indeed, a watch should be like a second skin, and should not interfere with anything. Now these buttons, can unfortunately end up on a bone, can irritate the skin, and it's unpleasant to say the least. Finally, a watch is pretty, but sometimes it weighs heavily on the wrist. Note that the lighter a watch is, the more comfortable it is to wear!

Now the big point of this guide. The one you've been looking forward to: mechanical and quartz watches.

Quartz watches: already, Quartz is a crystal. Know that one fine day of the year 1880, French physicists Pierre Curie and Jacques Curie, Pierre is Marie's husband, and Jacques and Pierre's brother, discovered the piezoelectric effect of Quartz. Well, very complicated to understand … In fact, they discovered that this crystal had the capacity to generate electric charges on its surface when it undergoes mechanical forces. The latter powered by a battery. In fact, in watchmaking, the advantage of using this property of the crystal is to obtain an electric oscillator whose frequency of vibrations is specific to the crystal. These vibrations associated with a synchronous motor, give movement to the hands of a watch. In addition, it makes these watches rafiqsonsonline(.com/product-category/citizen/ much more precise and less restrictive than Mechanics.

Mechanical watches: they are all made up of 5 major elements: the engine, the transmission, the exhaust, the regulator and the display. For them to work, the crown on the side of the watch must be activated. In fact, it tightens the spring inside the motor, and then the mechanism starts.

However, there are two types of mechanical watches: manual and automatic.

The manual ones are the ones you have to wind the crown every day, for a day, you have to wind it around thirty times.

Automatic: the crown is wound automatically by a simple wrist movement, for example. Indeed, a weighted rotor drives the mechanism of the watch. In fact, practical level, this type of watch is better than the Mechanics. But, the concern is that firstly the automatic winding can stop if you alternate your watches every day. And secondly, there is an excess thickness at the level of the dial. Suddenly, they are much more imposing, therefore less elegant than the Manuals.

In short, to choose a watch type is much more difficult than it seems. Choose between Quartz and Mechanical, it's up to you. If you do not want to take the lead opt for Quartz, if you are a little more expert, and you cultivate a vintage look take Mechanics.

The favorite brand: March LAB.

I discovered this brand when I worked in a Toulousain media. I then had to make an article on a new store: Matière Grise, which opened in the heart of downtown Toulouse, in the very chic Saint-Georges district, for connoisseurs. To give you a little idea, Matière Grise is a set of 3 shops, for the moment, whose interest is to offer its customers designer and very original products. This last shop, it has a more fashionable aspect and less furniture. In fact, it offers pieces for feminine and masculine dressing. March LAB watches are an integral part of it.

March LAB is a brand created by two Biarrots relocated to Los Angeles. The price of the watches is around 500 € for the most part, but they can go up to 1600 €. The brand is vintage inspired, and advocates the spirit: “Less is More”. They are all made in Switzerland and the creators wanted to offer as many quartz watches as mechanical. It is a watch brand that I particularly like because I find that the finishes are very well done. And even if they wanted to make them light and casual watches, the work is perfect and the details are taken care of.


What do you think?

Written by Alex Samuel

I am Alex Samuel from San Antonio a big fond of tourism, work in an organization as a computer graphics.


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