Multiple Users and Quibi App: How to Add More than One Profile

Quibi is different in numerous ways, from other and current streaming services. Here is what you need to if willing to share your account with other people.

Quibi is the new name among the increasingly crowded market of streaming services. The newly launched streaming services in entirely different in multiple ways from other streaming services with its unique approach. The new approach taken by Quibi involves focusing on smartphones instead of relying on presenting an extensive catalog full of old content and big names of the franchise as done by HBO Max, Disney Plus, etc. The viewers can watch quick bites of shows or materials in less than 10 minutes on their smartphones. Moreover, the viewers can transition every piece of content between separate landscape and vertical versions and that too seamlessly.

Now, the approach taken by Quibi is entirely new to multiple users, and so they are wondering about the working of services when it comes to adding multiple users. The viewers get the freedom to access a lot of content in several ways, which is the significant feature of almost all streaming services. Moreover, most of the streaming services allow users to add multiple profiles to the same account in addition to adding profiles to different devices. In turn, the viewers can add multiple people to share the experience of watching their favorite content on streaming services. Combining the various users to a joint account on several streaming services has become a standard feature, and so users took it for granted.

However, Quibi is quite different when it comes to adding more profiles to the same account as the emphasis of the streaming service is on smartphones. Users can indeed watch all streaming services on their mobile phones, but the viewers can watch Quibi through only their Phone app. Moreover, the new streaming service also lacks support from any other platform, and so will differ in its approach to many services, including adding multiple profiles.

Can the users add multiple profiles to the Quibi App?

The answer to this question is nope as its focus is heavily on mobile phones and does not get supported on multiple platforms and so the users can’t expect too many features from this particular service. The newly launched service is currently available in the US and Canada only; however, it is planning to expand its services to other countries also. The recently launched streaming service, Quibi, is mainly designed for smartphones and so can’t’ be used on multiple devices. Quibi refrained from introducing any option to support additional profiles because, generally, people do not share their smartphones. The absence of such a feature is making Quibi unsuitable for more than one person.

So, the people who are not interested in the customization feature will not be impacted by the current functionality of Quibi. But those who wanted to share the account need to sign up for the streaming service twice. In simple terms, they have to pay twice for the same service. Those who are eager to give a quick try to this newly launched service can subscribe to it by selecting its subscription plans. If you are signing up the recently launched streaming service before the April end, then they can avail free trial of 90 days.

It is also significant to know that most of the shows of Quibi are shorter than traditional movies or shows aired on TV. It is going to be a very different experience for the viewers who are signing up to this newly introduced streaming service. Quibi is presenting almost 50 various shows, and movies with its launch include daily news, scripted films, and reality shows. The 19 unscripted shows which are aired on Quibi with its launch include Chance the Rapper’s Punk’d and Murder House Mystery. Some other entertaining films include when the streetlights Go On, Survive, Flipped, and Most Dangerous Game. All these movies will be aired in time slots of four to ten chapters. Some other noteworthy shows worth watching are Last Night’s Last Night, Fashion’s a Drag, Sexology with Shan Boodram, and The Nod with Brittany & Eric. Also, the users can watch all shows even if there is no internet connection by downloading the shows on their devices. Now, the most important thing is how to sign up Quibi, which need straightforward steps to accomplish. You need to go to Quibi .com for signing up and then download it for iOS or Android devices.

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