Interfaces for Network Switches

We live in a world where anything that computes, connects. Today, seamless and reliable connectivity is non-negotiable. While the end user browses through Google and web pages, the packets from the PC travel overseas to reach google and vice versa, behind the scenes. 

These packets are routed via switches and routers. With increasing data consumption and plethora of IoT devices, routers and switches have gained complexity and become difficult to manage.

Within an enterprise, a private network is setup to handle the data. This helps ensure multiple access levels, different quality of services for different subnets, security aspects and a better way of monitoring data access. A network switch plays a key role in this data network.

Managed network switches have more capability than unmanaged network switches. The former allows you to have better control of your network and all the traffic through it. It provides all the features of an unmanaged network switch along with the ability to configure, manage, and monitor your LAN. And this gives you greater control over how data travels over the network and who has access to it.


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