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Lab worktable is one of the central places in the laboratory. This worktable is used to conduct experiments and store equipment etc. The worktables differ in different laboratories. This is because every laboratory is different. But, you are sure to find a lab worktable in any laboratory you see. This is because, without a lab worktable, running a lab will become difficult. The place where a lab worktable is placed is called the laboratory workstation.

So, you need to think carefully about the placement of the lab worktable. If it is placed in the wrong way, it can cause obstacles for lab employees. Here are some common points that you should consider before installing a worktable in your lab-

Always check the size of your laboratory before buying and installing a table

The size of your laboratory always matters. This is because there are labs with different sizes of available space. Similarly, you can find lab workbenches in different shapes and sizes. So, it is always a better idea to buy a lab bench that fits inside your lab. It is better if you refrain from using small or tiny worktables. This is because the smaller tables have less space to offer. Your lab may have multiple small and fragile apparatus that can fall and break. Expensive machines need proper care and must be kept in a worktable such that they do not have any chances of falling on the floor. Therefore, always choose a worktables that is of medium size. Additionally, take a cue from the available space in your lab before buying any table. If you buy a large table although there is not enough available space; your lab might become congested. At the last, make sure to check the area and size of the door, the stairways and passages before buying the worktable. An ideal worktable should be able to pass through these spaces without any problem.

 Purpose of using the worktable

This is the next point you need to consider while buying a lab worktable. Make sure to decide on the purpose you will be going to use the lab table in advance. If you are using a lab table for storing different things and machines; then a simple or basic lab worktable is enough. If you need to use a lab worktable for field experiments; then a movable worktable with wheels is a great idea. In case you are using the lab table for experimenting; then make sure to buy a table that is resistant to heat and chemical damage.

 Choose the surface widely

If you are using the laboratory worktable for conducting an experiment or using it as a workstation, then you need to be extra careful about the surface of the worktable. Your experiments may involve using damaging products and chemicals; sharp equipment, heat, flame, etc. So, try to choose a worktable with the right surface. An ideal worktable needs tp have a surface that is resistant to heat, flame, chemical damages.

Here are some common worktable surfaces that you can consider-

 Chemguard Laminate is great if you use hazardous chemicals regularly

This is a specially designed laminate. It is resistant to most of the chemicals and can also withstand high heat and flames. So, if you are working in a chemical or pharmaceutical laboratory, a worktable with a chemguard surface is the best option.

 Phenolic resin laminate worktable

It is a moderate chemical resistant worktable surface. It is made with kraft paper and resin coating. It can withstand standard chemicals and heat. Another great advantage of phenolic resin laminate worktable is that it is stain proof. Phenolic resin worktable also requires a lesser amount of cleanup and maintenance. So, it is a great choice for school laboratories.

 Plastic laminate for general purpose

It is one of the popular worktable options. These worktable surfaces are made with plastic laminates. It can be used as a storage compartment and a place or conducting unreactive experiments. Plastic laminates wear off faster and are not that much heatproof or chemical resistant. So, buy it if you want to use it for simple experiments or as a storage unit.

 Epoxy resin worktable

It is best suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories. The epoxy resin surface is corrosion proof, chemical damage resistant and can tolerate heat up to a great extent. It is also easy to clean.

Check if the table is durable

This is the last thing. You need to buy a worktable that lasts for a long time and offers good service. So, make sure to buy a worktable made with durable materials. is known to offer a wide range of work tables from premium brands at a decent price. You can visit its website or contact the company to buy the right worktable that suits your requirements and budget.


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