How to Fix Printer Error Rangecheck Offending Command

An error can arise due to several reasons and the rangecheck offending one arises due to the wrong Postscript code. It can hinder your work experience, but we can help you out. If you are facing trouble with this error, then here you can find the solution to the problem.

How to Fix Printer error rangecheck offending command

Here are five methods to solve your issue:

  • Changing Printer Driver
  • Changing GDP from PS to PCL6
  • Uninstalling driver
  • Downloading PSL6 driver
  • Another solution you can try

Source: How to Fix Printer Error Rangecheck Offending Command

1) Changing Printer Driver

Here are the steps on how to Fix Printer error rangecheck offending command using changing printer driver:

  1. Tap Win + r key together to run the administration.
  2. Enter Control and tap, Ok.
  3. In “Control Panel” windows, tap on “Sound and Hardware.”
  4. Start “Drivers” and “Printer”
  5. Right-tap on the printer in the list appears on your computer screen.
  6. Choose printer information in the setting menu.
  7. Choose the Options tab.
  8. Change Device Options.
  9. In the Configuration, tap on the drop-down list and choose the printer model.

For Global Printer Driver Postscript:

  1. Start Control Panel.
  2. Visit Sound and Hardware.
  3. Tap on Device and Printer.
  4. Right-tap on the printer and choose “Printer Properties.”
  5. Start the administration option.
  6. Change the Configuration section.
  7. In the Configuration, choose the “Suitable Model” of your printer.
  8. Tap “Apply” and Hit Ok to save your changes.
  9. Now reset your printer and command a print work, and check error resolved if not then follow the next method.

2) Changing GDP from PS to PCL6

Here are the steps on how to Fix Printer error rangecheck offending commands using Changing GDP from PS to PCL6:

  1. Press Start and choose Settings.
  2. Visit Devices.
  3. Choose Printer and Scanner.
  4. Scroll down and choose a printer.
  5. Tap the “Remove device” option
  6. Tap Yes to approve the action.

3) Uninstalling Driver

Here are the steps on how to Fix Printer error rangecheck offending commands using Uninstalling driver:

  1. Click Win key and write Control.
  2. Tap and start the Control panel.
  3. Visit Sound and Hardware.
  4. Tap Device and Printers.
  5. Choose printer and Tap on Printer server Resources.
  6. Launch the Drivers.
  7. In the Installed printer, drives choose your printer.
  8. Tap on Remove option.
  9. Hit Yes to prove your command.

4) Downloading PSL6 Driver

Here are the steps on how to Fix Printer error rangecheck offending commands using Downloading PSL6 driver:

  1. In case you have an HP printer:
    1. Visit the HP software and driver section.
    2. Download PCL6 universal printer for Windows 10.
    3. Install the PCL6 driver.
    4. Read the printer in the settings.

5) Another Solution You Can Try

There are two methods:

1) Checking Page or Flat Is Extremely Long:

  • This failure may occur while you are seeking to print extremely long CtP or imagesetter.
  • When your printer does not establish a paper that you have inserted into your printer, it may be the reason for the rangecheck error.

2) Checking the Printer Path Is Long:

  • Sometimes long track names also cancel the print command and are the reason behind rangecheck error.
  • It also occurs when your image name is too long, and you can also change the name shortly.


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