How to Convert HEIC Images into JPG on iPad or iPhone

The launching of iOS 11 and iPadOS provides various dynamic features to its users. One of the most important changes that come to the digital world is the high-efficiency image format. This image format is known as HEIC or HEIF format. It is only acceptable on iOS gadgets. Similarly, we can say that this system will only work until you stay in Apple Ecosystem.

If you want to view these images on your android smartphones and Windows, they won’t support HEIF or HEIC formats and fails to load the particular image. In this case, you need to retransform it into a most acceptable form that is JPEG or JPG.

About HEIC Image Format

The HEIC format is one of the most superior image formats that are acceptable by Apple devices only. There are various good points behind this format:

  • It consumes very less space as compared to other high-efficiency images.
  • It supports high-quality picture resolution of 16-bit color enhancements in place of JPG that hold only 8 bits.
  • It works smoothly on Apple or iPadOS devices.

Apart from these things, the JPEG format is used widely for mailing images and sending it to other platforms such as Android, etc. So, in case you wish to perform any task on your Windows PC or Android gadget, then you need to transform it into JPG format.

Pursue these guidelines to know how to transform the image format from HEIC to JPEG:

Converting Images from HEIC to JPEG Format via Files Application

The Files app provides various features as it can help you solely without downloading any type of third party applications. The whole procedure is quite simple as it only needs to copy your desired image by navigating the Images application and then paste the same into the Files application for the conversion process.

  • In the beginning, launch the Files app on your iOS device.
  • Then, select the option related to “On My iPad/iPhone” there. You can also use a cloud-based location.

Note: If you have opted for your location as cloud storage, then the data will be calculated against the online plan, and your images will not be available offline in any manner.

Other applications are available on the App Store of your iOS device. This app store works just like Google Play Store in Android. They will help you to convert all your images to your desired format. File conversion applications are also there to help the users in this regard, but we recommend you to choose a reliable one to avoid any mishaps.

  • After that, press and tap on the empty area and select the option “New Folder” from the prompt box.
  • Now, you have to provide a particular name to your folder and hit the Done tab there.
  • Next, launch the Images application and go to the specific folder that holds the images related to HEIC.
  • After that, hit the Select tab, thereby navigating the uppermost toolbar.
  • Then, choose your desired images that you wish to transform to JPEG.
  • Hit the Share tab by navigating the lowermost left-hand side section.
  • Got to the Share Sheet and select the option Copy Photos there.
  • All the selected images will now be available inside the clipboard.
  • Launch the Files application and then go to the folder that we have generated earlier.
  • After that, hit and press the blank area and select the option “Paste.” It will appear via the prompt menu.
  • Now, you will view HEIC images expands on your device in the same format that you desired.

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