Doom Eternal: Find the Location of Slayer Gate

If you like extreme action and deadly environment, then Doom Eternal is a must playing game for you. In the game, numerous challenges and paths exist that completely fulfill the desire of ultimate battles. There is Slayer Gates available in the game that has ultimate challenges for players. These challenges are a must thing that players need to face, but getting 100% out of these battles is not essential. For better tactical battle, large risks along with bigger rewards these Slayer Gates are available. Finishing these Slayer Gates will provide 3 weapon points of each and also one emporium key out of 6. To unlock the Unmaykr weapon, these keys exist for major parts. Winning the Slayer Gate challenge is not easy and riskier. If you lose ammo or lives, you will not get them back, so you need to be extra advance more than always.

Find All Six Slayer Gates in Doom Eternal

1- Exultia of Slayer Gate

The Slayer key of Exultia can be found in the level end area. In the location, a cave exists near the lava lake. Go inside and move to the highest ridge location of the cave and then use your Dash Refill to get to the archway. On the outside of the cave, you will find the Slayer Key, and on the same location, you will find the Gate, which is located on the entrance path of the cave.

2- Cultist Base of Slayer Gate

 Reaching on the Cultist Base is quite difficult because, on the path of reaching there, you will find a giant statue that needs to be destroyed or knocked. Move back to the room and see the downside; there is a climbable part of the wall exist. Climb down through the portion and jump on the swing bar. Mount to the other side and then jump on the existing behind the room, and you will be able to see the key from there. Break the statue to the room statue and break it on the right side of the wall.

3- Super Gore Nest of Slayer Gate

It is available at the end of this particular level. Get to the lift upward and then jump across to the climbing wall on your right side. On the top side, there is an open door visible. Just go there until you reach the broken window. Be aware of the demons while doing it, and you will find the key in the room. When you get the key, head back to the main area of Super Gore Nest which. You need to jump and dash through pipes. Keep going forward to the bottom side, and you will find the Gate to open in the last.

4- ARC Complex of Slayer Gate

The key to the ARC Complex is located on the starting level. Avoid jump out of the window to other buildings and head to the stairs to the ledge. Now jump for climbing on the wall and then turn around. You will see the key from your side, and now you just need to jump and dash for it. On a similar location, you will see the door that can’t be missed. Keep in mind about not to jump from the window to other level building. If you jump, then you will not find any point to get back.

5- Mars Core of Slayer Gate

Mars core is existing on the building along with Mars escape helper pod. Get to the path on the left side by going down. You will find a console button; just push that button and get back to the previous room. There you will see a box near to the window on the backside. Go up and punch to the vent, and you will see the floating key on the right side. In the pod room, you will find the Gate as well. You will find demons and tentacles as well, so be aware of them. Move to the right path and go further and take a right again through the way.

6- Taras Nabad of Slayer Gate

It is the final key of the Slayer Gate that available on the toxic puzzle water sever. After you finish the puzzle, you will see the key into one wall that has broken to lower the water flow. Your Gate will be unlocked and then tap the top side then choose the left side path. In the path you will see key is available for you. On a similar location, Gate is located at the beginning side. Take your first left following the elevator to look for Slayer Gate. It exists at the end of the path level.

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