How to Use Heartbeat Sensor in the Call of Duty: Warzone

The heartbeat tool in Call of Duty: Warzone is valuable and extremely useful in the game. Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most successful franchises that players choose to play. It is the first choice of players to play in the category of battle royale games. The challenges, location, and competition in the game are extremely difficult, and that is what unique about it. Now using the heartbeat sensor is a useful device, but before that, you need to know how to use it.

Even beginners and every experienced player play it because it is a simple pick and play the game that does not take much. A total of 150 players in a match can play together against each other in which is chances are also that you might face a lot of inexperienced players as well. So now, here is the thing about the heartbeat sensor and how to use it perfectly on the battlefield. Heartbeat sensor is the best device for beginners of the game because locating enemy at that level could be hard for players. The heartbeat sensor will not provide the exact location of enemy but it will perfectly aware the player about the opponent. If your opponent is close to you and is not visible, so his heartbeat will be easily sensed by the sensor.

Keep all the attachments with you because you never know which one is going to be useful in the next moment. For newcomers, the heartbeat sensor can be found mostly. It is the best way to find where your enemies are hidden near to you. Most of whoever picks the heartbeat sensor they used to get into the battle zone of the gulag. Level like a gulag, heartbeat sensor gets in use most of the time. Beginner level player finds it usually because the game itself provides them a chance to understand things as they are.

After having the heartbeat sensor, you will recognize three things, which is if the enemy is moving, then you will hear their heartbeat, even if they are camping or if they are hidden somewhere. If a heartbeat sensor pulses multiple times, then your enemy is near you somewhere. Between every sound of pulse, you will see that your enemy is getting closer to you. From this sensor, one of the most useful will happen to is that no enemy will able to attack you unexpectedly because the sensor will be aware you way too rapidly. If your enemy is making a plan to attack you from behind, then his attacks will not hurt you because the sensor will make you aware of the sound of the heartbeat.

The only use of this heartbeat sensor is that it will be only aware of you from the enemy and nothing else. If you are fast enough on your moves, then it can be helpful. If you are not fast enough, then you need to be fast, just like the heartbeat sensor. If you are around the vehicles or any other walls so your sensor will not be able to indicate you properly so it is not up to you that you need to be on the right place where you and your sensor can take a clean shot of the enemy, use your heartbeat sensor for the defensive mode. If you use it for your protection, then it might help you in a better way, but for offensive, it might not be that useful. If the enemy is somewhere near, then this heartbeat sensor will guide to from which way and the distance.

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