Is Windows Defender a Good Antivirus? An Explained Thesis

Windows Defender is the pre-build antivirus for WIndows 10. As per the stats, 2019 was a really good year for Windows defenders as it was said to be the finest antivirus product. But Is Windows Defender Good Enough? This needs a complete analysis of the product as there are many things that we should unfold before the eyes of users. 

The fact is, Windows Defender works quite decently not only as anti-malware but as anti-virus too. Unlike many third-party antiviruses, it doesn’t annoy you with the continuous pop-ups to upgrade your plan. Microsoft has recently worked on its antivirus and improved the features and performance so that Windows users can skip a third-party antivirus if they want to. 

The pros are actually high in number when we talk about Windows Defender, such as free and automatic updates, Microsoft’s customer support, end-to-end protection, and 24/7 activity. If we compare it with the other antivirus products, it can be concluded that this software gives a tough competition to other freeware. Though the highly-expensive antivirus may have more to offer, for as a regular antivirus, Windows Defender is an ideal choice. 

The major three factors that make an antivirus good or bad are Protection, performance, and Usability and the Windows defender is good enough as per these. The software has shown a substantial improvement in the year 2018-which later concluded in the year 2020. The protection gets 6.6/10 and protection scores 5.5/10. And, the complete protection against malware gets 99.6% marks as the AV-Comparatives. 

AV-Comparatives has a keen eye while analyzing an antivirus product, it transparently conveys the result of the performance of Win Defender. It gives 0 to compromise rate, 99.1% blocking rate, and 106 positives; on an all, it is a decent antivirus which is heading towards excellence and hopefully, the coming years will bring luck to it.


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