Fallout 76: Where to find the Wendigo Colossus

Source: Fallout 76: Where to find the Wendigo Colossus

Fallout 76 came up with a new kind of creature monster Wendigo Colossus who is a part of Wastelanders update. This new monster is powerful and almost every player is willing to face off with it. Before fighting with Colossus, players have to know its location. Wendigo Colossus will appear in those areas where the atomic fire hit. Wendigo Colossus is now available on the random encounter location, and that is why players have to find this creature. Assault encounter areas in Fallout 76 are a lot, but Wendigo Colossus can be found only in two locations it can spawn. Most of the players have found Wendigo on the north side of Monorail Elevator. Another location is straight on the west federal disposal – Field HZ-21 at the map.

Both of these locations are placed in the divided south side, and these are great because both locations are near to each other and a single destructive weapon can be used in these locations in a single time. Without the guide, it is hard to find the Colossus, and that is why it is the guide from whoever encountered with it.

In the map, various type of lights exist, and among those lights, players need to focus on the blue light. Wendigo Colossus is available on the blue light marks on the map. There might be more enemies will available on the location, but there is no need to engage with them. Among the two locations in one Colossus will be available but if it is not available then wait and come back after some time. Keep repeating the procedure until Wendigo reaches to the location.

Respawn on the location will not take much time, so it’s possible to check if there is any requirement of exercise or checking the skills. Enemies on the location can also be engaged in the battle, but now it depends on the player if they engage with them also or avoid them in the battle. Engaging with other enemies will take much time, and there are no extra rewards for defeating the extra enemies. Wendigo is not available every time, so players have to check on the location multiple times if not find in the first attempt. After finding the monster on the map, players have to discover on their own how to defeat. However, the use of weapons and proper skills will not take much time to defeat this monster.


Fallout 76 is available in Play Station 4, Xbox One and PC platform. The popularity of the game is great, along with its new updates and tasks keeps the game more interesting. After this new update, almost every player is finding the Wendigo Colossal and in future players expect more updates like this.

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