Minecraft Dungeon: How to Utilize the Fishing Rod in Combat

There are several things you can do while staying at home, so fishing in the game could be a great option for you. In video games, any fishing activity is growing, and that is why there are several simulations that have added some fishing activity tasks and challenges in games. Some players can get never obsessed with fishing in the game, and now in Minecraft Dungeon, you can see one part of it too. Well, in Minecraft Dungeon, there is not a proper fishing section available, but fishing rod available to use. The fishing rod is something that most players don’t know what to do, so here is how to utilize the fishing rod correctly in Minecraft Dungeon.

Utilize the Fishing Rod in Minecraft Dungeon

If you think that with fishing rod, you catch fishing, so you are slightly in the wrong track. It is because the fishing rod is considered an effective tool against enemies to entrap them for violence and destroy their small areas before letting them get away. Fishing rod has a hook in it, which can let you take down numerous enemies in several Dungeons.

The fishing rod is fit into the artifacts category of items that is a category of dominant items, weapons, and tools to provide amazing abilities and power to dominate any battle with its hard hits. Among these items and weapons, some of them are way too unexpected because they do brutal explosions, some can enhance your speed and some grand strength. Among all those items, the fishing rod is one of the unique tools in the game for any game to slash any enemy.

Dominating in battle with a fishing rod is fairly simple if you have used any other artifacts before. Fishing rod works little differently from other weapons that it has some interval of cooldown, and it works on a singular enemy often. For enemies like evokers and skeletons who prefer to run most likely, the fishing rod is the best weapon to use against them to draw them back to you.

You can also stun the enemy through it that gives you enough time to engage and deal with the enemy with the final blow by your weapon. Using the fishing rod is simple and valuable; along with it, the energy it posses around the battlefield will keep you safe from the enemies even if you are surrounded. With the help of raged ability, you can deal with every surrounded enemy in once. Fishing rod is pure dominant that will give you the opportunity to rip the enemy whenever you want in simply and effectively.

Enemies Can’t Get Away From It

Fishing rod keeps the enemies in a straight line to you, so when you are shooting to them, and they are like fish into a single barrel. Undoubtedly fishing rod could make your gaming enjoyment perfect, and no other melee attacker can get away from you if you have it. Enemies are not safe if you possess the fishing rod with you. Like shark scent, the smell of blood, the same way fishing rod caught enemies through its hooks, whoever gets in its way.

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