It’s been almost four years, but still, Nintendo augment reality-based game, Pokémon Go is in demand. The full credit to its success goes to Nintendo as the game keeps on getting new updates and events ever since it has been released. Now again, a new event is available in it known as Johto Throwback. The event contains several challenges that gamers have to complete. One of the challenges that several gamers across the globe are finding difficult is to play with your buddy Pokémon. In the following article, we have provided below a specific workaround to complete the subsequent quest.

How to Play with Your Buddy Pokémon

The gamers need to first initiate the following process by selecting a buddy Pokémon. The gamers who are unaware of the steps to choose your buddy Pokémon should click on the option of Trainer that appears on the left side of the display. After that, they need to click on the icon of Choose Buddy. Then, the gamers need to pick the Pokémon whom they intended to make their buddy. After that, the gamers can their buddy Pokémon setting through the Buddy Profile option.

Once the gamers successfully selected their preferred buddy Pokémon, then they need to choose the option of Play. Once the gamers choose the play option, soon after that, the camera of their phone will be activated, and they will be granted to place their buddy Pokémon into the surrounding. In case, the gamers are unable to activate their phone camera, that means there is some issue in the AR mode. It is suggested for the gamers to disable al the settings of AR mode.

Once the players get able to see their buddy Pokémon in the surrounding, then they need to play with it. The gamers can easily achieve this task by a gentle rub over the back of their buddy Pokémon. The gamers will be notified by the popping of numerous sparkles if they are playing with their buddy Pokémon in the right manner. Once the gamers see the popping-up of the sparkless, soon after that, they can visit back to the Johto Research section.


The gamers who will complete all the missions of Johto event will get a Ho-oh and ten rare candies along with an earthquake move. The accomplishment of all the challenges are quite simple, so it is suggested to complete all of them to avail of the rewards.

The gamers who haven’t played Pokémon Go on their smartphones can obtain their experience on all Android and iOS devices.

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