How Coronavirus Impacting Learning Management System Growth

The coronavirus situation has made several sectors globally shutdown, and education sectors are no exception. The education sector has a sudden hit with the closure of schools, universities, coaching centres, and other institutions across the world, immensely affected students and people who are ambitious to achieve something for their future. 

In this situation, the learning management system or online education has flourished a lot and has become the talk of the town and promoted a lot through this coronavirus. Education experts believe that learning should never be stoped, hence students and education instructions looking to reconnect in a contactless fashion hence for better education and due to this crisis moved from traditional classrooms to an online virtual world.  

This situation be a big moment was online education through the learning management software is about to revamped just as many industries are moving to remote work due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

This situation has forced to close schools, universities and send them back home and office employees also. This reality has enhanced or forced the usage of E-Learning apps and technology for employees and students.

As of now, the education industry moves to learn management systems with the work from the home way in enterprises. Thankful to the tech world we live in a world where video conference platforms like zoom and google hangouts, Microsoft is the most commonly used learning management system instead of the classroom, and office. 

A learning management system is a great supporting tool for online instruction. However, it takes time to learn how effectively to use LMS software. This is the main instruction for moving from face to face to online id going to be more flexible. 

Advantages of learning management system or eLearning during this crisis:

Elearning applications or online educational apps retain most of the core features of the traditional classroom, provide more advantages than the traditional method as well, here are some of them that help to enhance during this crisis

  • For both teachers and students, it provides great convenience and flexibility which gives a more dynamic and flexible approach to education

  • Creates a great opportunity for self-paced learning for students

  • It enhance the teacher-student interaction through common forums, it helps in better brainstorming.

  • The great advantage in terms of cost-saving for both institutions and learners.

  • Anytime anywhere access to learning material 

  • lectures can be posted anytime and live video sessions also provided for better understanding. 

  • Teaching through LMS software can record and upload resources, lectures, post announcements, conduct online tests, quizzes, and homework for students. Anytime they can clarify their doubts with the help of zoom like video call apps.

  • Students would be able to view the curriculum, access resources anytime, complete quizzes, and upload their works. This can highly engage in social learning and brainstorming with peers and teachers using the available forums.

  • Resources are added to the system via uploading from drive or other cloud storage platforms. 

LMS helps organizations to work and train remotely:

As the COVID -19 pandemic is there. It's becoming more important that companies give their staff an option to work remotely. Many government officials have allowed companies to permit as many employees to do work from home.

Many people stated that companies encouraged to explore employee’s work remotely and limit the face to face interactions, replacing it with the help of video call apps and conferences.

The main purpose of the learning management system is to help employee training during this crisis via a tool that helps the company to create, distribute, track, and report their training details. But an eLearning app helps in remote work by using a tool like a video conference and real-time chat with the employee at their fingertip, it highly helps workers to remain productive and up-to-date their training.

Now more than that employees should do everything they can do to unify their workspace since they are physically separated because of the outbreak. This can lead to less productivity and low morale. By implementing an LMS there is an increase in mobile app development and increases the workspace collaboration in an organization and it helps employees to feel more connected with the company no matter where they are locating.

Final words:

There are a lot of people working hard day and night to curb the coronavirus outbreak and hopefully let’s all get out of this situation soon. Until then let's stay safe and help everyone. 


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Written by Nihal P.S

Nihal PS is a certified SEO strategist who is certified from Semrush, Moz, Yandex and Google. He works as a digital marketer at one of the leading taxi app development company in India. He is also working for a SharePoint development company. He has the credibility of bringing up rankings of websites with continuous efforts and tactics.


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