Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Shared Web Hosting Plan

Shared website hosting is among the more affordable services available in the market. It may not be the fastest web hosting solution, but the low price point makes it an attractive option for start-ups and small businesses. As with any other service, you must do it in a careful way. To select the best service from a top provider like HostSailor hosting, you must focus on not making these mistakes.

Choosing On The Basis Of The Rate Alone

You have to consider the cost of any hosting service, but it should not be the most significant reason for choosing it. You may be looking to operate that business site with a restricted amount of money, but try not to base the service selection on just the cost. Other important things are there for you to consider.

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. High pricing maybe the web host’s strategy to make you think that the quality is high. Conversely, it may set discounted rates for the service to lure an increasing number of customers.

Selecting Freebies

Some also choose free hosting packages, but there may be issues with these plans. These may include extremely slow page load speed and even downtime for longer. By choosing this service, you may lose the ability to have higher rankings on SERP.

Taking Unlimited Guarantees For Granted

There is no such thing as unlimited web hosting. Every hosting plan has some limit to how much data can be transferred, to the storage space and other features. By ‘unlimited’ hosting, web hosts mean to say that the service offers next-to-limitless server resources.

There is nothing wrong in choosing this package when you are aware that the limits are reasonable. However, some web hosts put unreasonable limitations in their packages, and dare to attract customers through fancy words such as ‘unlimited’.

Skipping User Reviews

Like any other offering, you should get to know what existing website users think of the hosting service you plan to choose. Customer feedback is important when it comes to website hosting as well. So make the effort to look at reviews of web hosts available on the internet. Look at some specific areas of the service, like security and technical support. You must ensure that the service provider fulfils the promises it makes. Reading reviews may be the easiest way to determine it.

Not Checking Technical Support

That said, verifying the quality of technical support goes beyond checking reviews. Instead, you have to make queries to that web host’s support personnel and see how long they take to get back to you. If they claim that they offer round-the-clock customer support, they should be responding to you quickly enough. Otherwise, it is a red flag.


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