2020 Is Jam-Packed With These Top Marketing Trends

The sense of vision is perhaps the most incredible gift of God to living beings. It makes you enter a different situation, a different scenario, a different life. The better the visuals, the better would be the human tendency to imagine oneself in the scenario at the opposite end. Humans tend to like and trust more what they see rather than what they listen to. An amalgamation of both sense of sight and hearing never fails to enchant homo sapiens.

The theories of marketing highlight this, and thus are focusing more on audio-video methods of marketing. The marketing sector is booming with video marketing trends because of the increasing demand for freshly brewed video content. Why? Because video marketing is so alluring that it automatically acts as a CTA. It becomes a strong stimulus for the customer to believe what is shown and purchase the goods or services offered. No wonder, video content is most demanded. As a result, the conversion rate increases, thereby raising the Return on Investment. Have a look at the most expected video marketing trends that will slay in 2020.

Why Video Marketing Should Be Your Next Step

No matter how many fancy words you add to your blogs and advertisements, or how many jingles you prepare for your latest product, if your product isn’t in motion on the screens, you won’t be able to reach all of your target audience. You must add some video content to get your message delivered to a larger section of the audience. Remember, people like moving objects. Also, Video marketing is a sure shot technique to enhance Click-Through-Rate by a remarkable 63 percent.

Expected Trends In 2020

IGTV And Instagram Stories- The Newest Ways Of Marketing

Instagram is one of the most loved social media sites. The IGTV story feature is something that adds icing to the cake. In marketing, using IGTV can be your next step to reach out to people the right way. People trust what they see on these IGTV videos and stories. IGTV provides the benefit of long video duration, and thus, detailed information can be easily portrayed through IGTV. They can also engage in a one-on-one conversation with you through the Instagram stories. Stories give your content a personalized touch and act as a doorway to your audience’s memory. It has the power to reach out to more prospective customers, and thus, it is perhaps the cheapest and most effective method of marketing. Sharing appealing Instagram stories every now and then will work best for you.

Video Ads

Selling a product or service can be challenging. People don’t get convinced easily. Not all customers are tractable, and they usually refuse to make a purchase, or they may forget an advertisement. Luckily, video Ads eliminates the problem. Firstly, video ads create a long-lasting impact on human minds. People get engaged, freeze for a few moments while watching an appealing video ad, and are most likely to remember it. For instance, you remember most consumer goods brands because you have seen their video ads, memorized their jingles, and have bought them at some time. Secondly, Video ads generate trust. People trust what they see. Thirdly, a video ad calls for action. Contact a video editing company right away. Bingo!

Google Ads

Marketing men and women are heading towards Google Ads. Why? Google ads appear on almost all sites such as Hotstar, Youtube, and a lot more. This automatically increases your chances of getting a wider reach. Thus, marketing your video through Google Ads can be called a wise decision.

Go Live

Livestreaming is the newest way to boom your markets. It gives a personalized touch to the advertisement and engages the audience in real-time.

The Final Words

These marketing trends are going to flourish in the months ahead. With these taking a new form, people can expect a sense of personalized product selling in the ad. The video ads are blurring the line between customers and sellers. Both the sellers and customers get exposed to each other, and thus a strong trust gets built up. Video marketing lets consumers make the right decisions for them, as they can see the product, evaluate its pros and cons, and make up their mind well before buying. They no longer feel that they are deceived in any way as they judge the product’s effectiveness in the marketing stage only. Sellers too get a chance to reach out to a broader section of their target group. Thus, video marketing lands both parties in a win-win situation.

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